Omnipod Pump/ Medicare

My son is disabled and a Type1 diabetic. He turns 26 in Dec and will no longer have our Blue Cross Health Ins. He will only have Medicare. I'm being told he will have to change to a tubed pump or go back to needles because Medicare chooses not to cover this brand of pump. Can this be true? He's terrified of needles and devastated at thought of having the tubing....

If he is on Medicare,NO Omnipod. I am T2 but so damaged that my levels equate to T1 and Medicare DOES approve tube pumps. I recommend Tandem T-slim it is like an iPhone as it uses touch menus and the company is very supportive. The charges are 80/20 and there is installment payment plan. I purchased a 'gap' coverage plan and they covered the 20% for me.
My only question is how at 26 would he qualify for Medicare? Do you mean Medicaid??

Budababe, he is disabled. Disabled people such as myself are placed on SSI and qualify for medicare. Unfortunately, unlike a post retirement individual it is almost impossible for a disabled person to purchase the supplemental medicare policy. It remains a glaring gap in health coverage in this country.

I am not familiar with Medicare’s stance regarding Omnipods. I am familiar with a far more pervasive issue that being the lack of coverage for CGM’s. I hope along with pressing for Medicare coverage of the Omnipod, you will also join many of us in our press to have Medicare cover CGM’s. As you may be aware a CGM is often live saving if a person has love BG awareness.

I wish you and your son the very best. Be it the CGM or the Omnipod the reluctance of Medicare to cover well established medical devices which give many of us a quality standard of living is a very difficult issue. We can only overcome this reluctance if we all realize how important the stakes are and ask congress to approve coverage for well established medical devices.