Does Poison Ivy Make BGs Higher?

I haven’t had diabetes long enough to have gotten sick, so I haven’t yet experienced the higher blood sugars that can result. I now have a poison ivy rash all over one arm and am also experiencing higher blood sugars than I would expect. Has anyone had higher BGs because of poison ivy?

Anything that puts your immune system into high gear can raise your blood sugars.

Also, if you are taking cortisone to fight the poison ivy, cortisone is notorious for raising blood sugar too.

Any kind of stress to the body can elevate bg. I even had some bad elevations once from a sunburn.

Watch out for treatment. I was given prednisome for a rash that looked like poison oak. It sent my blood sugars out of sight. I ended up taking twice my normal doseage, and I hadn’t been told it would do that,

So was it oral prednisone that they gave you. I will know not to ever take it. I did get a prescription cortizone cream, and I don’t think it’s raising me, or if so, not too much. It’s my high time of the month anyway, so it’s hard to tell!