Does that hurt?

I just started reading Scott Johnson's blog Diabetes Daily and one of his posts hit home. I recently had a similar event take place,a friend of the family was over and it was just before supper. I checked my levels, counted out the carbs, got the pen of novalog ready. Just as I had stuck the 8 freaking mm needle into my gut, he asks, "Does that hurt?". I gave him a quick look and replied, "What do you think?", it wasn't my best moment. Now, in the past I have tried to educate people. I am fairly open with the fact I have diabetes so the subject comes up from time to time and I will answer questions as best I can but this time for some reason, I felt like being a smart ■■■. So sorry for being a smart ■■■ Ben.

For me, most things diabetes-related don’t hurt at all. I’m fairly used to finger pricks (yay calluses!) and inserting a set only hurts if I’ve picked an unusually sensitive spot on my stomach or hip. But since I use silhouettes, it’s pretty easy to stop and pull it out and move somewhere less ouchy. Injections sometimes hurt, then again, sometimes not. Usually when I’m asked that questions I go “Sometimes, sometimes not” because really, it just depends.

Hello Allison, the first batch of pen tips they gave me 8mm 30g, also they were cheapies and it seemed like they had no lubrication. I have since called back complaining about it and it turns out they messed the script up and I was supposed to get the nice BD Ultra Fines, which are 3/16 and 31g. I do not have a problem with these generally, but once in a while I get a bleeder and you can be sure that it hurt going in :slight_smile:

I still bruise a lot though, everyone keeps telling me I am doing it wrong. I keep telling them look, there are only so many ways you can stick a needle into you, I can not possibly be doing it wrong all the time. I like to show off all the bruises, kind of like showing off scars :slight_smile:

Yep gotta love the bleeders! Funny about the bruises… I seem to get them only the right side of my stomach, but not on my left… go figure… If there’s a right way to do it without brusing I’d sure like to know too.

Hey Stephen! Thanks for the mention.

I’d like to hear those people’s instructions on the “right” way to stick a needle! :slight_smile: