Just a small prick Sir You will not feel a thing

In 2004 if you had told me before i had my heart attack you will need to inject yourself 3 times a day sometimes 4, I would have keeled over needles and me have never been good bed fellows just the sight of one use to make me go faint yet here I am happily jabbing myself daily occasionally stabbing by finger as i try to get the lid on or off the pen just goes to show what you can do when needs must,so what is it with needles, perhaps it is when you go to the doctors or hospital and the nurse treats you like a piece of meat with no feelings they usually say just a little prick you won’t feel a thing and being a man who is supposed to be brave under any circumstances I grit my teeth look away and say to myself ouch that did hurt and hurt a lot thank you.

The worst needle to have in my opinion is the butterfly one they stick in the top of your hand the needle is about 3 inches long I might be exaggerating slightly but it hurts like hell when they put it in and hurts even more when they take it out, I noticed dad had one in his hand when I visited him on Wednesday in hospital,I have injected victoza and insulin this morning not giving it a second thought just goes to show how brave I am a Shropshire warrior you must have been young Jedi in a former life,joking apart when the doctor told me lying in the hospital bed in 2004 you have to take insulin by injections from now on my heart sank,what was left of it after the heart attack better not mention the sight of blood as I can feel me going into another fainting spell, mom was right when she use to call me a cry baby you were right mom should have listened.
I have injected myself apart when I am too ill to do it myself over 2400 times since then should I get a medal or something not even a pat on the back for being a good boy,might go off and sulk in that case,I know there are millions of you who have injected yourselves more and do not make a fuss about it and good luck to you all here’s hoping a cure is over the next hill and diabetes can be consigned to the annuls of time for ever.

I always remember when I was pricking my finger and taking shots in 6th grade a friend said to me, “i could never do that.” Unfortunately this friend was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes later that year. To this day she pricks and pokes dispite telling me she could never do what I had to do. Goes to show what we do for our life and health.

PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT - not too hard… don’t want to hurt your back now!
There! Does that feel better? Now just practise that in front of a mirror for awhile until it becomes second nature. You are a hero. And you’re right - those butterfly babies HURT!