Does the OmniPod come with Mac software?

I believe I know the answer…but does the OmniPod come with Apple/Mac software? PC users, what is on the software and is it necessary?


PC only, but the software is only to upload your PDM statistics to your computer (to an analysis program that is, at this point, not very robust), so it is not necessary for using the OmniPod.

I have a mac too, but we also have a PC. I don’t have an infrared reader though. I have pathfinder, but I haven’t even opened the box because reviews say that it is horrible. I found that going to the “My Records” or something, and writing down the info for each day is really simple, such as the Highest, Lowest, Average, Tests Per Day, and other info like that. I recorded 3 months worth of stuff in about 30 mins.

I just faxed the new patient form to Insulet this morning after meeting with my CDE yesterday to talk about the OmniPod.

Since I develop software for a living and have played around with developing code on my Mac at home (no PC at home for me either) I might just try to figure out a way to suck up the data from the PDM into the Mac and use something like Excel to create graphs for the data.

Does the software for the OP come with an IR receiver or do you just need to buy any standard USB IR receiver?

HI John & Daniel -

Omnipod is working on new software which is being beta tested right now. The website is I heard about it on this forum and ended up registering right before they closed the beta to new folks. You have to download from a PC but since it’s web based, you can view your data on a Mac with no trouble (I use a mac exclusively & we download from my hubby’s PC laptop). The data is really good, shows you all your bolus info, when you are in range, out of range, and % of times you are in range - great for making changes to IC ratios. So far, I really like it. I can’t wait until they make it public to everyone because it’s so much better than the old software. You are able to see 90 days at a time which is also great for seeing trends, etc…

Hope this is helpful.


thanks, I registered a while ago, I just now logged on, and I don’t think that I’m a beta user. When I enter the info, it says beta users only, not open for public, or something like that. I have never used it though, and I am fine.

Hi Daniel -

I’m sure OmniPod is going to release it to the public sometime soon. I know that the dr.s office has this version - we’re going to see Dr. Buckingham at Stanford on Nov. 10th and I’ll ask when I see them when the release date is supposed to be.

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Thanks for the info Susan. Call me hard-headed but even though I have a Windows PC at the office and my wife has a Windows laptop I refuse to use PCs at home just on principle. :slight_smile:

When you download from your PC are you using your laptop’s built-in IR receiver to get the data from the PDM and upload it to the web site? If so I’ll probably just try to write a program for the Mac to pull the data from the PDM and store it in a comma delimited file assuming I can figure out the protocol.

Oh well, first step is first - get the OP and get used to pumping. :slight_smile:

Hi John -

When you download the data, you use a dongle that OmniPod will send you - Insulet will send it when you ask to use the old software. All you do is plug that into your computer and then beam it from the PDM to the dongle.

It would be great if you created software that would allow you to download the data from a Mac. Sounds like a lot of work though. I would think that Insulet would make this new app available for handhelds since that would probably be the most convenient for most people. That said, you would be able to look at your stored data via the internet and that’s pretty cool.

I’m sure you are going to love your OmniPod, I know we do!! Good luck with it! I wrote some tips & tricks we’ve learned while using it these last 9 months - check out my post under the OmniPod section.

Take care!

Susan, I did check out your tips and tricks post last night. There’s useful information there but I’m sure I’ll want to go back to it once I’ve been podding for a while. I’m sure when I have a frame of reference the tips and tricks will be that much more useful.

Thanks!! Just another quick fyi… when we switched my son from MDI to the OmniPod, it took about a month to get all the basal settings & IC ratios correct. The switch from Lantus (which they say doesn’t peak but I really do think it does…) to a daily basal is very different and it takes a while to get it right. I’ve heard of lots of people getting really frustrated during this initial period because they think the pump is going to make everything work perfectly. We were lucky that our CDE explained this to us on the onset so we could manage our expectations accordingly. After about 6 weeks, we had everything perfect and haven’t had to change our basal settings once in 9 months!! We do mess around with the IC ratios but I think that has more to do with a growing 2 year old than anything else. I think that for adults, changing the ICs is probably more stable than if you are a child or teenager since adults are done growing. Anyway, you might see that your going up after a pod change, the info I put on Tips&Tricks about bolusing after a pod change and increasing basals using a temp basal for two hours really has worked for Will. We now don’t have that problem or frustration.

Happy pumping!! :+)

John, the IR receiver is a standard manufactured unit, as far as I can tell. I tried using the Mac built-in IR receiver to upload to the Windows side of my MacBook Pro, but I couldn’t make it work. If you figure it out, let me know. The downside is that the current software is so lame as to be almost useless. It only stores three days’ worth of data. I have used the internet-based program, and it is much better. I think Insulet is also working on a better version of their software that you would load onto your own computer. No doubt, Windows only.

I fully expect it to take several weeks to get the basal rate right and get the IC ratio setup well. As with any complex system, especially one like insulin delivery where the results are not immediate, it’s takes patience and skill to tune.

I can imagine that a lot of new pumpers would think that dialing in a temp basal as they’re walking out the door for an evening run would be fine. This is an incredibly complex non-linear system we’re messing with here so I expect it will take some time to get it right. :slight_smile:

Jim, were you running Windows in Paralles/VMWare Fusion or using Boot Camp to boot under Wiindows? If the latter then I’m surprised that the IR receiver didn’t work, if the former then it’s not much of a surpise at all.

I’m almost certainly going to need help from Insulet on what protocol they use to transfer the data since I don’t know of any IR break-out-box/protocol anaylzer that exists. Hopefully they’ll be willing to give me that info - maybe with an NDA.

I have a Macbook Pro and was unable to use the built in IR Port to download the Omnipod. However, I also Run VMWare Fusion and used the IR Dongle sent by Insulet to download the Omnipod in with no problems.

Thanks for the post, we are in week two of omnipod and still getting everything sorted out! We’ll keep hanging in there!

How much do you increase his temp basal by with pod changes? I am reading lots of folks doing that!

Still no Omnipod software for any platform in the UK. Anyone got a copy they can email/ftp/skype to me?