OmniPod Trend Tracking & Bad Software

Hi all -

While I did see that the site is up and running for the new OmniPod software - I did try to use the software and while it seemed to upload my OmniPod, when I went to look at the data - it wasn’t there. I called Insulet and they aren’t even aware of the new website or that the software has been released. This is not helpful.

I definately think that the biggest flaw of the OmniPod is record keeping or lack thereof. On shots, I had a huge binder where I wrote down all of Will’s numbers and then I would leaf through the pages and look for trends. Once we started pumping, I’ll admit, that I stopped doing this. Now I see my son’s BG numbers going haywire (I suspect he’s going through a growth spurt…) I need to figure out how to manage the information.

I checked out but it seems like a bit of work in putting numbers in - the free section doesn’t give that much information other than a list of BG numbers and insulin. Is it worth the $8.95 per month to upgrade? I just spent the last 1/2 hour inputting stuff and I’ve only input 3 days!!

Any ideas on how to manage this would be greatly appreciated. The old software isn’t that helpful easier. What is everyone doing to manage trends?


Susan, I recommend that you give Log for Life a try while it’s free and in beta testing. It has some userful graphing features. I think it’s lacking a bit as far as features for pump users, but it’s free and easy to use.

My favorite software to date has got to be CoPilot by Abbott (Freestyle). I would think that Abbott would have an Insulet friendly version of their software since the Omnipod uses their strips and meter, but I don’t know. I have always heard bad things about Omnipod’s tracking software. Seems like you could use CoPilot anyway.

You should look into three other groups we have here - Pattern Management, Sugar Stats, and Logforlife Users.

Thanks so much - I’ll give them all a try!!

There was a blog entry on Diabetesmine ( discussing the new web site ( and that Insulet is working with Abbott for a version of CoPilot for the OmniPod. This is what will replace the useless Pathfinder software. Hopefully they release this soon but it may be tied to the new PDM.

I uploaded to the OmniPod Partner site and I have no problems seeing the data. It actually works pretty well showing all the trends, basal/bolus doses & percentages etc. My only issue is that I still use my OneTouch meter since my insurance does not cover the test strips used by the PDM. So the data from the pump only shows the BG values I enter for boluses. I have not tried to upload the meter yet since there will be duplicate BG entries for all meals/corrections.

I currently use a program called Diabetes Pilot ( It was designed for use with a PDA (I have a Palm Treo phone) but has a PC desktop version. I just enter all the data into this for my logging.

Thanks for all the great information. I tried logging onto the site again yesterday and all the information that I downloaded a few days ago miraculously showed up. It’s actually pretty good reports that come out of it so I guess I don’t need to look elsewhere.

Thanks everyone who responded!!

Hi Susan,
We are tracking Gigi with the Omnipod–just got her on it–wonderful!!! My husband and I would love to talk with you. Please email me and let’s exchange phone numbers since we live so close and have our kids on this --and they are the same age. We’ve got so many questions about tracking and would love to discuss that and a few other things.