New from OmniPod: Software that Works!

Guys, Insulet is finally ready to release upgraded software for downloading your data – hooray!

Check it out here:

Thank you soooo much AMY! I am tired of fighting with pathfinder.


Do you call them, or do you download it off of the internet?

Thanks, Amy! Keep us updated. How about some more info. on the new PDM that’s supposed to come out later this year?

When will the software become available?

Do you need any special hardware to use the web-based Omnipod Partner? I tried downloading the data from my daughter’s omnipod and just got error messages.

Where can one order the cable that links the PDM to the computer, in order to downlaod the records on the PDM?

You call Insulet support and ask for it. They will send you the cable and the Pathfinder software at no cost. There will be two cables if you connect to your USB port (they connect together). The end of the cable is connector to an RF receiver.

Unfortunately the current pathfinder software is lousy. You also have to have Excel 2003 on your computer. It only downloads the last 4 days and creates an Excel spreadsheet showing the data and the spreadsheet is locked so you can’t add anything to it. I don’t bother using it.