Does This Sound Strange To You?

As I'm typing out this little ditty to you all, I am turning around from time to time in my chair to flip over the Ziplock bag that has a piece of sirloin steak marinating in it ( a mixture of olive oil / Balsamic vinegar / black pepper ). There, did you miss me? I just gently flipped the bag - so the meat gets equal time with the marinade (no more then 1/2 an hour with this mixture I make). Right now, I have an actual appetite, abit rare in me and it seems common with some of my other diabetic friends I know that are long term such as myself I really want to sit down and have a good meal! Though if you had been with me last night - you would have wondered if I was on some sort of diet! Last night Mike and I went out for dinner, we've been planning on doing this for the past 2 weeks, but something always comes up or it doesn't fit into the budget. Here was my chance, to not "slave" in the kitchen, making yet another home made meal along with left overs. Now, don't get me wrong - I love to cook, as some of you know, I have been making my own bread over the past year. No mass marketing bread finds their way into our household - heaven forbid - therefore the baker (moi) is never sick . I just felt like a break last night, sitting down and getting served for a change of pace while I swirled my red wine in my glass.

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The steak was oooohhhhh so delicious! Melt in your mouth - no teeth needed to eat it. We don’t eat red meat too often - but when we do - I think we enjoy it even more then if we ate it more frequently. I’m going to blog soon about this great veggie chilli I made - that would fool even a die hard meat 'n potatoes person (my neighbour refused to try it - silly woman - as if it would kill her to have one teaspoon of it).

Nope, sounds just like my house, except there are 2 of us with T1 so occasionally, very occasionally we are both hungry at the same time, love the place setting for 2, again are you sure you aren’t in my house? :oD