The food we do or don't eat

I am a diabetic. I love to eat. I love to cook. I enjoy feeding folks who enjoy what I create. Most important is I love to eat! That does not make dieting or trying to reduce my obesity any easier. Below I will share a thread I just wrote but I must say I would like to see this thread run as I will share my food experiences and invite others to as well. I hope we can help each other and learn together to be healthier, live longer and in general be better diabetics.

Been a little while since checking in.After a weekend of plenty I am very pleased to share numbers continue to improve.
Saturday night found me making a huge pot of chili for the family. On that days walk with dog we came across a Barred owl who sat in a tree about 90 feet away.It is an amazing thing when nature is discovered or shared at your door. Yesterday after a very dietetic day of golf followed by football on TV, I was treated to a toasted bagel with Nova Scotia salmon and all the trimmings. Imagine the delight as my waking number was 131. Details on the day. My son offered me a banana at the turn and turned it down (we had egg whites with feta cheese for breakfast). I have been a big eater all my life and find it is easier to diet the less I eat. I also hoped to test before lunch! As it turned out we ate lunch at the course and I was able to resist the unbelievable the fresh bread offerings that included a olive twist that looked fresh out of oven and the room temperature butter that accompanied it. The other two players ordered a wrap and a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato on rye (I was soooo tempted). When my son ordered a salad with grilled shrimp, I followed in suit. During football we barely ate. Actually my wife put out cut up grilled (apple) chicken sausage with a little tomato sauce to dip it in which was very satisfying! I think I will start a food thread as if I am not eating , at lease I can talk, write about it. See you there.

That’s it. Food. and that bagel you ask? It was poppy, toasted to a turn, buttered with scallion cream cheese, sliced tomato, red onion and the ever present Novi. Please let me know what you’re eating or craving or miss.Have a great day!


I am an amateur gourmet chef. For dinner lasr night, I put spinach leaves and asiago cheese in between two pieces of puff pastry. Baked. Big hit.

For tonight, we had flounder sliced in two directions and painted with maple syrup. Yum.

Two nights ago, Veal Ossa Boca with broccolini and grits. Wow.

I never have problem with numbers. I am retired, so I try to exercise daily. I can only drink one cup of coffee per day, because of acid on the stomach. My wife’s mother loves creme brulee and she dines with us once a week.

I have more problems with my heart condition than my diabetes. Good luck.


Nice job @Robert17 !!! Beautiful presentation :yum:

Here’s some brisket I smoked.

I have fun adapting traditional BBQ recipes and techniques to fit my LCHF diet. My results are usually very good, even non diabetics like my BBQ, despite the fact that its not sweet.

Lately I’ve been branching out and being more adventuresome trying sides and deserts. YouTube is a great resource for finding new ideas, I just search for low carb or keto recipes.

For me good long term control means keeping my diet interesting even though I have had to completely cut out sugar and starch. I’m amazed at the creativity folks show in coming up with delicious new recipes even though they have to restrict the ingredients they use. As an example search for “Fathead Pizza” and try it, you’ll be amazed how good it tastes.


Tonight we had prosciutto and asiago cheese wrapped chicken breasts, with a side of creamed planks of parsnips and carrots. A salad with walnuts and olives. Red pepper dressing and it all only raised me 12 numbers.

What I did not like was my Endocrinologist trying to change the dose of my Cardiologist’s heart medication. Don’t be ugly, I thought, but say, “I need to talk to my Cardiologist.” Grrrrr

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Tonight we have spanakopita pie with very thin layers of filo pastry to accommodate me. Feta cheese, ricotta, egg, little lemon zest and spinach, yummy.


Since most of us have had to change what we eat to accommodate our diabetes, I’m always interested in food/recipe posts even when it describes a meal I can’t eat because of the carb count.

Keep these posts coming and remember as always “A picture is worth a thousand words”


I “don’t eat” nothing (except processed garbage). If I find a portion of a particular food results in high numbers, then next time I have a smaller portion, and if necessary then smaller again, and so on until I find a portion I can manage with insulin and/or activity. And if that means the successful portion size is only one or two bites, then so be it. I would rather enjoy those one or two bites of a delicious éclair once in a while than deny myself that enjoyment forever.




I am stoked that we have had such nice participation in this thread. I hope it continues. Some news. Yesterday felt shaky late in day and had a 86 reading not that low. I also am proud to share past three waking tests at 89,89 and 107. So this am I let my guard down and had a pumpernickel bagel. Problem? A 220 reading after breakfast and the desire to eat more all day. I am about to test again but hope to see better numbers after my earlier vigorous walk. BTW how do I post photos here? I also want to post in my Glucose buddy where I journal my numbers.

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@Andrcom after you hit reply and start composing your message look at the row of icons above your text… About in the middle is one with an upward facing arrow. If you hover over it it says upload. You will probably want to accept the default "From my device"click "Browse"and locate the file->select it-> then click “upload” in the lower left corner of the dialog box. Your picture should appear in the right preview pane after the upload completes.

A lot of us follow a technique called “Eat to your meter”. We test 2 hrs after a meal and when we get a reading above our goal we eliminate the food(s) which caused the problem from our diet. My goal is to never go above 140 because there is evidence that readings above 140 are what cause damage. Others are more ambitious.

If you are just getting your numbers under control a reading like your 86 can make you feel bad, because your body is not used to these type of readings. If you stick with it these feelings will disappear.

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@Pastelpainter looks yummy :yum:

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First off Bad ■■■ Moon, “you had me at hello”?

I cant thank enough for your heart felt words of advice. The words are taken to heart as were the instructions on uploading a photo of my breakfast. Egg white Omelette with Feta cheese.A breakfast that works a whole hell of a lot better then the aforementioned Bagel that left me guilty, working harder the rest of the day to reduce and in general wanting MORE OF THE SAME! Today waking was a 123 that was lower then expected but its a marathon not a sprint and I must watch out for the edge of the wagon… Again I have to say thanks for the support and more photos to follow!

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I /we love to cook. I grow herbs to season our food. Such as caught salmon. Clean out the belly, fill it with lemon thyme, sliced lemon and butter. Then bake in the oven. Serve with green beans or asparagus. Low carb and wonderful. Nancy

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Nancy50, I/we just finished baked Salmon with olive tamponade, carefully placed on top of cannelloni beans, black beans, corn and chopped dried apricots. Great minds think alike. Have no photos, cause we ate it already.

Tonight we have crispy skn barramundi with asparagus and broad beans, plus I made some tartare sauce to go with it. Will try to remember a photo.

I’m attempting to incorporate more protein in my diet. My diabetes educator is encouraging me to eat 25-30 grams of protein at each meal. I’m not a big meat eater nor do I like yogurt and many protein powders have “fake” sugars which my doctor would like me to avoid and which I don’t like the taste. Does anyone have any suggestions on increasing protein?

Does “meat” include chicken? What about cured meats such as chorizo or the many kinds of salami? Bacon? Chicken livers or regular liver?

Non-meat sources of protein include fish, including canned fish of all sorts; cheese, including cottage cheese; eggs; tofu; many nuts, especially almonds; peanut or almond butter (I’m not sure about other nut butters); lentils and other legumes; some vegetables such as broccoli. I don’t make them myself, but smoothies with fruits or vegetables should hide the unpleasant taste of protein powders.

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looks delicious

YAY, I continue to walk and desperately watch carbs (wifey made chicken soup ((with matzo balls)) cause we are both fighting colds. Yesterday was good on multiple fronts as this morning found the scale at 260 and my waking number at 85!!! I want to thank this site and its contributors for helping my efforts! Good luck every one with your daily goals!


Yummy. I love this, but I’ve never made it. Is it hard to make? Do you have the recipe?