Does Tresiba insulin pen need priming every time when use?

I’ve been diabetic for 11 years and recently just started to use Tresiba insulin pen. My doctor told me that I only need to prim the pen once when the pen first use. From what I’ve heard, other people are priming every time before use. So should I prim each time before use? Any advice?

i prime every time, so i can see that it is working and to fill the needle.
there have been enough people not being aware that their pens are malfunctioning and not giving out any insulin.


Hey Swiss - hope things are well.

I prime as well. A unit just to see the drip come out.

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I definitely do it each time I put a new pen tip on. I think in theory, it’s a good idea for each injection too; however, each time I’ve done it, 1 unit came out fine, leading me to think it’s probably not necessary for repeat pen tip uses (which I do tend to do a few times). So once I’ve got a tip on there, I’ll do it if it’s convenient, but if not, I don’t worry about it.

Yes, 1 unit every time to see the pentip spurt a tiny drop.

My doc said 2 units and it squirted everywhere. Does 1 unit only yield a drop? I heard that’s not enough. I did start to prime yesterday night.

You prime. One unit usually is enough. If you dont se a drop coming out, you do one unit again until you see one coming out🙃

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Use a new needle each time and prime each time. Do not leave a needle on cuz it has a chance of crystalizing the insulin. 2 units is recommended but you need to see a stream come out, not just a dribble, or else you won’t get the right dose.

I use a regular syringe with my tresiba pen. I don’t like the pen needles. In the past I found more bruising and bleeding when using them. With the syringe, no need to prime.

The makers of Tresiba have a video online that shows how to prime the pen - every time, with two units. Have your doctor make sure to write your prescription with this amount included in the total…or your pharmacy may screw you over and not give you an adequate amount. The pharmacy I go to argued with me about the need to prime the needles, and literally put me on hold for 10 minutes so they could “look up” what I was reading them from the novo-nordisk site.
If one thinks about using a pen versus a syringe, it makes sense to prime. A syringe that is blocked would not draw in air or insulin, and one would know there was an issue and toss the syringe for a new one. A needle on a pen does not work this way, no air is drawn in, the insulin doesn’t go out until it’s in your skin - unless you prime it. The video states to hold the pen straight up in the air so that no more than necessary flows out, and this does help.
The thing I was not aware of was that one is supposed to leave the pen needle in one’s skin for a count of SIX after the dosage button “clicks”. Did anyone else know this? Otherwise your dose can be off by “as much as 20%”!!!
Also, did everyone else know that the US is the only place where Tresiba is NOT available in a vial??? Everywhere else can get it in a vial.
Imagine that. Being screwed over - even by foreign pharmaceutical companies - again.