Tresiba Insulin Pen Malfunction

Hello… Thank you in advance for any feedback anyone may have…

I changed to Tresiba a few months back. Was on Lantus. Love how Tresiba has been steady in it’s release etc… Tresiba has been excellent in limiting unexpected lows as well… but…

Last week I opened a new box of Tresiba and opened a new pen. Primed it… also primed it before each shot. For five days I was having crazy high BG readings unlike anything I had ever experienced with long acting insulin. It was as if I was not getting my long insulin. I have been on insulin since 1999 and had never had insulin go bad etc.

So I primed the pen later in the day, dialed up my 40 u dose (on 200u pen) , placed my thumb on the injection button preparing before applying any pressure on the injection button. I wanted to see what was happening with the pen as I would see the dosage window dial slip during injections. I watched as this slight pressure caused the dosage window to wind down by 12 units without expelling any insulin. Then I pressed on the button like I would during an injection and watched far less insulin spill from the pen. I had thought that the insulin within the pen was somehow faulty, but now am concerned that the slightest touch to the injection button was adjusting my dose down after it was set. I repeated this test 5 more times over the sink. Each time the same slippage of the dosage window would wind down, each time the amount of units it would slip on the dosage window was different.

(Diagnosed 1999/Type 1.5/Been using insulin since diagnosis)

Just wondering if anyone else has had this occur/noticed that occasionally the Tresiba seemed off etc. I read some items online about priming issues… but this is different. Also did this with another Tresiba pen/same box… same thing

I too use the U200 pens and love them. I like this pen better than the Humalog pen. The only issue I had was one time when I had about 25 units left (I take 62 units) it stopped at 12 and would not put the rest in. I just used a syringe and sucked it out. Other than that the dial has good feedback to let you know its working and has worked flawlessly. You may want to take them back to the pharmacy and show them because they sound defective.

Could dosing insulin be any more confusing?

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I’ll contact the manufacturer of Tresiba and see if this is a bad batch of pens etc

… and dosing continues to be a forever changing experience :0)

Actually, if you got this from a pharmacy you can return and replace it directly from the pharmacy.

I will do that on Friday. Thank u :grinning:

I just started using Tresiba about 3 months ago and I just found this page. I am having the same problem with the Tresiba pen. It’s not just from one box though. I was wondering, since this conversation is from 2 years ago, if you’re still having the same problem and did you contact anyone about the problem.

Welcome, thank you for this information. I will have to watch more closely. The pen does have a cheap feel to it. Nancy50