Does your Omnipod eat batteries?

I have had my Omnipod for about 2 months and am about to change batteries in the PDM for the fifth time. I don’t use the light, or leave it on to turn it’s self off. I wonder if it is the fact that I go thru a pod in 2 days instead of 3? It’s pumping more insulin so the PDM works harder? I don’t know…but it’s annoying me to use so many batteries!


My battery last for at least 5 weeks. I don’t think you using the PDM often would cause it to drain. Have you called insulet ?

That seems extreme. Mine last 5-6 weeks. The PDM is only using batteries when it is turned on. It doesn’t matter how hard your pod is pumping. How many times a day do you test and how many times a day do you bolus or check the status of your pod?

I bolus for each meal, so 3 maybe 4 times a day if I snack, or am running unusually high, and I test about the same, and have even been using my old meter for most of the testing tho, to finish using up those strips. We changed batteries this morning, and are going to start keeping track of how often we have to change them. Thanks!

No, I have not called them yet…perhaps I need to tho.

Nancy call Insulet so they can document it. Did you complete the warranty info for the PDM?

I also change pods every two days, and my batteries in the PDM last at least 4 weeks. You might want to call Insulet to see if they’ll replace your PDM. I had to have my initial PDM replaced due to the fact that I kept getting a “PDM Error” message and having to reset it 4 times in six weeks. The PDM has a one year warranty, so get it replaced well within that time frame.

I agree with what others have said (I change PDM batteries about every 3-4 weeks it seems). Additionally it seems that rechargeable batteries don’t last as long as regular old alkaline ones. I tried rechargeables for two changes in a row and they only lasted about 2 weeks instead of 3-4.

I change my batteries about every month. I think that changing more pods might have something to do with it, because the processing part where it links might take a lot of battery? but I am not sure.

That does not seem right. I have been using mine for about two months also and have only changed twice.

I have been using the Omnipod system for over a year now. I change my pod every 2-3 days (depending on how many carbs I intake), check my numbers at least 5-6 times a day, bolus around 4-5 times a day, leave my backlight on all the time…so I’d guess I’m a pretty heavy PDM user.

What I’ve discovered - is that the more I pay for a disposable battery - the longer it lasts. AAA’s from the dollar store only last a week or so. Alkalines last for several weeks, and Lithiums (my current battery of choice) can last over two months. When I did the math - the Lithium batteries (either Everready or Duracell) give me more bang for the buck, and I don’t have to worry about running out of “juice” nearly as often.

We go through batteries pretty quickly, but we have the backlight set to come on all of the time. I would guess that I have to change batteries about every 2 weeks or so. I always make sure that I carry 4 extra batteries with us at all times…just in case.

I am probably not the brightest banana in the bunch!! Especially when it comes to electronic stuff.
But - I’ve been reading the post here - and kinda thought I might be going through batteries too quickly also.
I just started a couple of weeks ago - and have been obsessive about taking BS - looking at what charts & changes and data is available - so I’ve been using the PDM alot.
BUT - I - mistakenly thought - that once it was turned on - you just had to leave it to turn ITSELF off.
I just figured out that if you press the “On” button when the thing is on - it’s an “Off” button.
So - my question is - are you turning it off when you done.
I assume this will extend battery life.
You guys probably know this - I always have to learn the hard way.
But just in case someon didn’t know - now you do.
AND - even with the little problems here and there - I LOVE MY POD.