PDM Battery Usage

Hello All…

I just started with my OmniPod yesterday!!

My questions for all of you experienced folks out there:

1) How long do the 2-AAA batteries last in your PDM?

2) What brand of batteries do you use?

3) Where is the best place to get them inexpensively?

My PDM came with Energizer Industrial AAA batteries and after one day of use, the battery indicator is displaying almost full. My trainer is awesome and told me that the batteries would last about 4 days to begin with since we will be making adjustments everyday. After a couple of days, we can make some setting changes to increase the battery life to about a week.

What do you all think?

Thanks - AA

Hi, Mr. Avenger…I have used Rayovac exclusively since I started Podding. They always last 4wks before I change them out. I check my BG usually 6-7 times/day. You can find them (quite often with coupons included) at a very very inexpensive price at Menards. I buy the 16ct “great value” pack!!!

I use Kirkland Signature (Costco). They last about 3-4 weeks.

I was told by my trainer to use energizer, but they last for me only for about a week. I do use PDM a lot. Weird.

I use Energizer and can get over a month out of them.

Sometimes the most inexpensive battery is not the best. I, too, use Energizer, and I get a least a month out of them. Why would I save a few cents and then have to change them every couple of weeks? In the long run, that is more expensive than buying batteries that last. I take at least 5 - 7 glucose readings a day, so I do use the Pod quite a bit. Additionally, since the Pod gives a user a basal dose each hour, we ALL use our Pods continually through the day.

I wish you a healthier life and good luck with the Pod. I think that you will love it once you get it adjusted to your needs. The Pod is so much more convenient, and it will give you greater accuracy and control once you learn how to use it. I am going to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving in a few minutes, and I intend to eat without worry today… all it takes is awareness of what I eat and a little calculation for bolus!

In the beginning it will last about 1-2 weeks, 'cause you’ve got a new “toy” to play with. But after a while you should get about a month out of them.

We have had terrible luck with Duracell. They last less than a week for us. ‘Cheapo’ brand, I think we got them at Fry’s, surprisingly gives us the longest battery life.

I also use Energizer batteries and get a month plus out of them. I find when my battery indicator is getting low if I rotate the batteries in the PDM I get more life from them. I will be down to “one bar” rotate and be at over half a charge. When it gets to one bar again rotate and back up it goes.

Thank you to everyone, this has proved to be very useful information! So far my Energizer Industrial batteries that came with the PDM show half full.

God Bless!

I too use Kirkland Signature (Costco). They DID last about 3-4 weeks. However, about 5-6 weeks ago my PDM shutdown and went black even though the battery indicator showed a good charge (not full). I swapped out the batteries and it then went about 2 weeks, showing almost full charge again.

Yesterday, it went dark again, i.e., won’t come on when you push the button. Again I replaced the batteries and called Insulet, they advised me to use a different battery. Before I could get to the store to get the specific batteries, it went dead again. I just pulled out the batteries and replaced them and it worked and showed full charge.

I called them again and they said it sounds like a bad internal battery in the PDM and will send me a new PDM by tomorrow.

I am happy with the outcome and quick service and just figured this was a good place to put the warning for other users.

Also, it went off again this morning and I just reinstalled the same batteries, now all is well and they still show a full charge…for the moment.

Try just pulling out the batteries and putting the same ones back in. We have that problem off and on too and this seems to work for us.

Yep, that’s what I have done several times now, but Insulet says that isn’t correct and is sending me a new one. I hope the new one doesn’t do that too. If I were you I would call them and get a new one too…just my thoughts.

Somewhere here (OmniPod Users) there was a recent discussion regarding batteries. I seem to recall there being a slight difference in the length of some batteries. The slightly shorter batteries causing problems. I’m thinking that it was because of contact issues.

I am using Duracel coppertops and they last me four weeks and a few days. I tried lithiums and they lasted much longer, but the PDM couldn’t tell when they were dying. I had the PDM quit unexpectedly the two times I used them. Insulet does not certify using lithium or rechargeable batteries in the PDM.

I’ve had the problem of my PDM turning off randomly, then turning on and resetting with Duracell. I called and they told me to try the Engergizer max something… I might try it.

In the next generation PDA why can’t it be a rechargable unit like a cell phone?

That was considered, but voted down by some T1 members of the development team. The rationale was that you can always go to a corner store and readily by batteries. While if your rechargeable PDM batteries run out when you’re away from the charger, etc, could be a serious problem.
My (and some other engineers’) response at the time was “can’t you just carry a charged spare battery with you” but that got voted down (I don’t have diabetes).

Consumer reports reviewed AA batteries, which I presume are similar in technology to AAA.
I am going to stick with Costco’s Kirkland brand… they work great for me–last about a month, but are so cheap I don’t honestly keep track. The Energizers are literally 11x the price of Kirkland & I can’t imagine that they last 11x as long…
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I just started using the Omnipod today. The diabetes educator told me that Energizer Max batteries had to be used use to their exact size. And also the Omnipod rep told her that with the cheaper batteries didn't fit properly and effected the pdm's functionality. But it doesn't seem to make sense to me. I was thinking about using the higher end AAA's to see if I can get more outa the PDM.