My PDM is a battery murderer!

So, I don’t know if it’s just me or the PDM, but I use a set of batteries once maybe twice a week.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I also thought I’d ask this question…
When I changed pods this morning my site (arm) was bleeding… not bad, but I also had a little puss coming out… I know that’s gross, but I have no clue why it did that… but what bothers me is that it’s still sore… Btw I had fine numbers when using that pod…?

Hey :slight_smile:
I do shut it off every time…
I mean do tests, and boluses make it drain fast??

As soon as I bolus…and I hear the delivery confirmation…I turn it off. After you see that circular motion thingy…it’s OK to turn it off. That, I believe, saves a lot of battery life. I always turn it off after test results as well. Batteries have lasted approx. a month since starting 23 January this yeaar. I test 7 times a day. I use Rayovac—more power for the money. “Lasts as long as duracell”.

Two sets of batteries every week?! That’s definitely not normal. Have you called Insulet about that?
By the way, I get about a month out of each set, and I’m usually using one of the generic or “lesser” brands like ray-o-vac or Walgreens brand.

Are you using the back light alot. That will definitely drain the battery.

Are you sure it was puss or was it some insulin coming out. If you just bolused before you removed it, it will seep out lots of times. Bolus and wait 5 to 10 min.

About the ouss… maybe it was because i did bolus

about the PDM: I rarely use the backlight… I always make sure to turn it off… I’m not sure what’s going on…

I’m seriously second guessing the system… today my meter just stopped working… every time it says error… I’ve thrown away strips, got new ones, changed batteries… and finally called Insulet… the helper said that if I did all of that and it still didn’t work there was something wrong with it. I also told him about how if guzzles batteries… so, tomorrow I am supposed to recieve a new PDM and send back my old one…

I really like the Omnipod so far, and would hate to give it up, but in case I do, I AM still in my 45-day trial…

Hope all is well with you guys :slight_smile:

Hope that one works better for you Grayce.