Don’t they know?

Usually I am a happy, cool, calm and collected individual but lately I don’t have the energy for most things a young adult should be able to do as well as enjoy.

No one seems to understand the pain from my molar does not only reside there it goes from there to my brain making me ache, from the molar deep to the veins making me wonder if all the other teeth are going the same way or is it the pain creating all these questions and throbbing.

It also disturbs my sugar levels making me have higher levels for most of the day and because of them high readings making the pain worse then anything, then I don’t want to eat because of the pain making me go low at this stage I am hungry want to go to the kitchen and pick up the nearest thing and stuff it into my mouth but this mania wont leave my mind its taken a place right near where my diabetes.

I don’t have the power to do all the chores that I used to do without any effort since I am tired, in pain and can’t stop worrying. I feel the pain but no one near me understands they think I am over the top but they don’t know the pain and everything else that I deal with on a daily basis, I guess its true what they say you can’t really deal with something you can’t see or feel.

I make the effort to talk but I get the feeling that they think I am just being a drama queen or even blaming me for it, the others are so wrapped up in their own lives that I don’t even have the energy to explain things millions of times, but the tender words and support of some wonderful people make the rest go to the back of my head.

I miss my friends and getting ready to go out but now a days I feel its safer to be at home where I can deal with the pain and not have to let people know about everything that’s going on, it does feel like everything is passing me by but health is far more important then just going out.

I made an appointment at the dentist an emergency one I went over explained how I was type 1 and have pain in my molar, he then took a look and explained how I would need it taken out along with needing a deep clean because of my gum disease with a few fillings so if I wanted he could take my tooth out now.
What? I was in shock he wanted to take it out now so I said I would rather they made me an appointment and come back and get it all done at the same time, thinking it wouldn’t be an appointment as soon as possible seeing as I was in pain and a diabetic but they made an appointment for nearly 3 weeks after my emergency appointment!

Don’t they know I have pain in my tooth keeping me from sleeping, eating or living a healthy, normal life? Don’t they know I have diabetes and need to keep my sugars stable by eating right? Or is it because they all understand but don’t really care?

Hey Jag1,
Thank you for the advice my tooth is not as painful no thank god but when it was I dont think I could have go any cold weather anywhere near it let alone hot weather so I used a mouth rinse with warm water every morning and night then the pain juse seemed to have disappeared.
Yeah they do root canal over here to but the dentist was like I would have to get it removed but when I go back I will ask if that can be done,He will do all fillings and deep clean all at once not looking forward to it but its a must have.
Thank you for your comment a lot of information that is useful.