Donating Tandem supplies?

Hi all,
I have two boxes of the Tandem t:slim cartridges with the old lock system on them. However, I don’t have any of the infusion sets they will fit with, now that Tandem has changed their design. Does anyone know of any organizations I can donate these to? I looked at Charles Ray, but they don’t want Tandem, and all the other places I have found only need insulin donations.



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Thank you Karen! I’ve run into this in the past and was chased off a couple of diabetes boards for offering to donate.

Ditto here. Nice of Karen to problem the link!

In the meantime, ahem…still waiting for Tandem to reduce the massive wastage of insulin upon cartridge load as they promised us when they went to their proprietary delivery system.

The new T-Lock connector does reduce the amount of insulin wasted in the filling process. It doesn’t reduce it as much as I would like but does reduce.

The change from a luer fitting to a Tandems T-Lock saves me 5 units per fill. Before 16 units to fill now 11 units, better but still more than the seven or eight units required for my previous pump.

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That assumes you change your infusion set with your cartridge. I don’t. I still am forced to waste 10.2u minimum when all I need is.4-5u.

My daily insulin use is ~180u, so I swap out cartridges every day. I certainly don’t need to change the infusion set too, contributing even more waste.

I just used my first t-lock set.
It took me 12 units to prime. Previously I would use about 16 ~ 17 units.

I said 11 units to fill but it is actually 11.3 units. My first T-Lock fill was 12 units because I didn’t know what to expect., reaction time ran me into the 12 unit range. Now that I know what to expect I can manage 11.3 units for priming.