Door Knobs

My pump tubing has officially been hooked to every door knob in my house Well not really, but at least 5 times and once on the arm of my patio chair. It's amazing how durable it is. I do have a question, after the last assault I did have a little blood under the site, but everything was intact. So I bloused for lunch and sure enough the blood disappeared. Was that wrong of me? Should I have changed the set? I was being stingy with my insulin...I just changed it last night and I was still fully loaded. Just thought I'd ask.


That's happened to me before (not from a door knob though lol)...but I have had blood from hitting my set before. I have also just bolused it out and usually have no problem. If however, the insulin leaks back out (I always check) or even if there is a little blood still there then I change it.

If my BG is ok, I don't worry about the blood at all. I hardly ever pull sets, maybe 3 or 4 since 2008...

I saw this the other day, but haven’t ordered one quite yet. I like having the longer tubing, and I agree it is a hazard.

Sorry, it doesn’t look like the link posted, but it is something called “tube guard” and it looks like a fishing reel type of item.