Doris Ann: where are you?

Does anyone have a means of getting a hold of Doris Ann Dickerson? I have been trying to message her (through TuDiabetes) and email her and have not heard back in several days.

If anyone knows of any other means of getting a hold of her, please do: I am a little concerned that we haven’t heard back from her in so long…

I just got a hold of Doris, I have her phone number. She is fine but her computer has crashed.


Thanks for this Cody! I didn’t know and have been very worried also. I know she lives in Jackson, where there were tornadoes. I was worried she might have storm damage or something.
Let her know we have been thinking about her if you talk to her again.

I didn’t get to talk to her as she was in bed. I am assuming her daughter was the one I talked to. I am going to try again tomorrow and see if she is around. And I will also let her know about the contest and she won.

Just talked to Doris. She is ok, they are trying to get a new computer because the one they had crashed.


Thanks for finding out. At least we know she’s doing well: computers can be purchased or rebuilt.

Did you tell her she was being missed and that she had won the contest? :smiley:

yes I did and she asked me what contest. We talked for about 15 minutes. I had forgotten I had her phone number because i travel to Jackson area and we are planning on meeting.