Hi everybody!

I just wanted everybody not to worry about me!!! I’M FINE!!! Just a small problem right now… my computer’s busted!!! Got it fixed then IT DIDN’T WORK so I’m browing my daughter’s friends right now!!! According to her it went kaboom and said to me it didn’t like my house anymore so it went bye bye! She don’t know how right she is!!! I’m going bomkers with out it !!! We just found out my dad has lung cancer and can’t be treated it’s too far gone for that and I’m waiting for that other granddaughter to be born. Right now life’s just a waiting game! I know what Amber’s going to name my next granddaughter (right now) it’s Adrianna Nichole! Please let Manny know I’ve been here if he and the other’s from my page don’t see my post!!! And welcome to the new members!!! I know I haven’t been welcoming ya’ all but PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR FRIEND LIST AND When I get back here I’ll accept all of you guys!!!


Glad to see your post. I have been meaning to call you again, but things have been hectic here for me. I might try to give you a call this week as I am done with school until Monday.
Sorry to hear about your dad.


we had a doris sighting! i’m so glad you’re okay. and that it’s just the computer and not doris that is busted!

Hi Doris! It’s good to see that you’re okay.I got insulin put in my pump today.This is the first time in 22 years that I didn’t have to take an injection before supper.It feels great!!!

Hi Doris: :smiley:

It’s Good to see a smidgen of you anyways. You’re such a tease.
I thought you fell off the earth. I hope that you are okay and I’m
really sorry to hear about your Dad.

glad to see you are ok :smiley:

Hi Doris Ann…just checking in to see how things are for you and to let you know we are thinking of you and your family. You know we are missing you!

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