Calling all TuD members from US states affected by tornadoes

I wanted to reach out to all members form the Southern US States that were savagely affected by the tornadoes yesterday:

Please let us know how you are doing… we’re with you!!

Manny, do you know if there are any coordinated efforts to get stuff like test strips and other supplies to people that might need them? I have always kind of wondered what happened to people if their house burned down or they lost stuff in a natural disaster and they just refilled their supplies – would an insurance company allow them to reorder before the normal refill date?

We are in SW MS. All was fairly quiet in our little corner of Mississippi. But I am trying to hear how friends of mine, throughout the storm-ravaged area, are doing today. One of my best friends is in/near Ringgold, GA. Last I heard last night, she was fine; her house was fine.

I’ve wondered too about the medical supplies needed, for people in storm aftermath, etc…


Yesterday’s didn’t get to us (western KY), but we’ve been under the gun with it, for a few weeks. Flooding, and flash flooding, is still one of the major concerns for my area.

I can spare some supples if needed for yesterday’s storms.

Thanks for asking.



Read Billy’s account on T2. One of the tornadoes went over his house, but they are ok. Schools are wiped out, etc., not far from where he lives.

Latest count I’ve seen is 230+ dead. :frowning:


Very fortunate here in my little town of Oak Ridge - lot of rain, lot of wind, lot of thunder and lightning - minor hail, and no real damage. My wife was stuck at work in Knoxville - windshield cracked (7 impact points from the hail), top and driver side sheetmetal is completely dimpled - hundreds of impacts. No major injuries, no fatalaties - we’re blessed. Thanks for asking.

We’re Ok Manny the storms went East and West of my place but it did get downtown Jackson with straight line winds. I’m with you though I want to hear from other’s in the bad zone. Thanks! Please All you guys check in!!!

Ringgold got hit extremely hard. The schools were totally destroyed, the exits from the interstate - into Ringgold, has been shut down. Glad your friend is ok.


thanks for asking Manny. Well let me say that I am grateful the tornado didn’t hit us here in PTC,GA. Though it was one of the most stressful events I’ve been thru since I’ve lived here(3yrs). My BS was 212 when I checked it 2 hrs after the news said it was ok to go to bed! I didn’t sleep well, & the stress obviously affected me! I also hid in the pantry holding my bag of supplies so I’d have what I needed until I could get new ones. Smart huh?!!!

Mark, believe your undies are at my house. Told my husband I had no idea where they came:)

Was fierce last night. My area in VA was under a tornado watch. Torrential rains for hours, thunder & lightening & scary wind. Particularly frightening when tornadoes hit at night because you can’t see them & people are asleep. Thankfully, we didn’t have any touch down. A couple of weeks ago, the next county was hit & homes destroyed. Devastating. I had a bag of syringes & insulin by my side, just in case.

Didn’t see any here but I’ll keep looking Mark! LOL!

AH-Ha the missing undies have been found!!! Gerri found them!!! Well she is East of me. Makes since since I sent the storms her way (by my request. Thank you.!

Now Mark if you belive that I got some ocean front property in AZ! LOL!

hehehe. I’ll have to ask him if he wants some on the Northern tip of AZ that is ocean front property! LOL!

Safe in Pell City, AL. Sadly, so many others in our area are not. Thank you for asking!

Ooo, that’s an idea, Mark. Send more undies my way!

I have read : 249 lives lost …thinking of my American friends !

We had a couple tornadoes pass near my house in Buckhead, GA and one went right through my parents town, Madison GA. but neither of us had any damage. I have plenty of Accucheck strips as I don’t use that meter anymore if anyone is in need, I also have cases of extra syringes 30G 12,5,mm 1cc as well.

Edwards, Ms/Jackson, MS(central Ms) we had stricks all around us. had one tree snap but fell in the correct direction - into the woods. It has been real interesting here over the past week. I have not heard of any diabetic needs expressed on TV or radio. I work for the Jackson Public School district with 63 schools and only minor power outages. Someone was looking out for us. I think the last count of deaths thru the south-east was over 250.

I am not aware of coordinated efforts along the lines of what you ask, but there’s one place that does receive donations of supplies, etc. to distribute among those who cannot afford them:

The founder (Chuck) recently joined TuDiabetes:

Thanks Manny!