Dose anyone have any therioes

on how there child came to get diabeties type 1 and what age please

since we will never really know this answer and it doesnt change what is, we havent delved into this one too much, jacob was diag at 10 no major illnesses that year, no fam hx., he has mild asthma and allergies, he just recently "came out" to some of his new friends and said it might be because he is swedish, ( on fifth probably) Scandinavians and those in northern climates have a slightly higher risk. i was just glad he 'came out' and his friends really dont care or even ask to many questions as i suspected, they like him because he is jacob, diabetes is not a factor. best of luck on your path to acceptance, amy

Metteryogy, I have a family predisposition for autoimmunity (I have Hashimoto's, my mother and grandfather had RA), and my husband has T2D in his family. Our son Eric developed T1D at 18 months old, after I developed overt hypothyroidism while pregnant with Eric. So my theory goes like this: my autoimmune genes and his dad's diabetes genes did a little genetic dance, which probably wouldn't have amounted to much so soon in his young life if not for the fact that my immune system was already going wacko while he was in utero, and it triggered Eric's immune system to also be wacko. There may also have been a sprinkling of some kind of environmental factors involved too, given that during my pregnancy, I was working in an area of Massachusetts that has since been identified as a T1D hotspot (Weston/Sudbury/Marlborough area). And he did have a series of respiratory bugs, one after another after another, the summer preceding his diagnosis. It probably took all of those factors in combination to produce T1D in an 18-month-old with no direct family history of T1D.

My daughter is 6 years old and was diagnosed April 10.

There is no real known reason to why the immunesystem are killing the insulinproducing cells.

There's no reason for us as parents to beat us up on why they got diabetes type 1. It's not cause of lifestyle or eating to much red meet... or to much sugar...

I still hate it though. Every night I turn the lights off and go to bed I hope to wake up tomorrow and finding out that this was only a bad dream.

Oh, and we are swedish (living in sweden too), guess I can blame that...

Diagnosed age 7 a few months after a bout with strep throat.

My daughter was Dx’d just before her sixth birthday three years ago. One of her consultants advised two screening tests for anti-bodies which are thought to be triggers for the destruction of beta-cells - she came back positive for AE2(?),the way it was described to me was a normal immune system exposed to this virus would have these antibodies up to about 7 of what ever measurement they use, she measured at around 37, the virus apparently looks alot like the beta-cells in the pancreas, and unfortunately her body could not tell the difference. So we view her T1 as an auto- immune disease. Family history; paternal grandmther with hypo-thyroidism, maternal grandmother T2, maternal aunt with Sherg- Strauss and Lupus.

She did suffer from a bout of sore- throat and chest infection in the months leading up to diagnosis