Antibodies! Do you know if your child has them or not?

Just doing a quick survey of how many parents know their children's antibody results... how many of those in this group that do know are positive and how many are negative... please just leave a response with:





Thanks for you help :-D

yes - positive

Thank you :-)

2 T1

both yes- positive to 2 each, not same 2

that is interesting... what 2 are they positive for?? or I guess 4 since there are two and they don't have the same two lol

Yes - positive antibodies for diabetes, but also antibodies for gluten and thyroid

Daughter 1 - GAD and 1 of the islet cell antibodies

Daughter 2 - insulin, and the other islet cell anitbody.

wierd huh! especially since the DRs think they underwent the same environmental trigger. they were diagnosed only 10 months apart.

wow yeah that is weird!!!

Yes, positive.


for AE2 (if I remember rightly) levels >35 normal range <7

Do not know. She was tested for them when she was first diagnosed but the results were negative. Is this something that is important to know and if so is it a specific blood test?

When my son's diabetes started - two years before dx, he was negative for the three that they tested at that time. I don't know if he is positive now, or if he was positive for the one they figured out between his test and his diagnosis.

wow thats interesting... so he was dealing with diabetes (or diabetes like symptoms) for two years before he was diagnosed??? if you don't mind my asking what was the delay in the diagnosis?? and at what age did he start dealing with diabetes and at what age was he daignosed?

its really more of a fomality a lot of times... the anitbodies are typically used as a diagnosing factor, but my understanding is that there are a few who test negative, Im trying to get an idea of just how few... knowing the specific antibodies you child/ren are positive for could affect ways of curing when that option becomes available... is it something good to know, I believe so... but is it crutial to know... no not really... unless its negative... which could potentially mean a misdiagnosis... if you want to talk to your endo just ask when the last time your child/ren was tested for antibodies... they will either give you the results or send you for blood work to retest, Im not sure what the name of the test is though... but the one we do tests for all of them...

From what i understood from the endo, not everyone is screened for the 4th auto antibody. When my older was give the positive she wasn't clinical diabetic yet, and she was given 50/50 over the next 5 years. we were told that it could go down to 25 because one of the auto-antibodies has been know to change back to negative. Didn't matter since she was diagnosed less than a month after we got the results. So far both of my girls are negative for thyroid and celiacs, keeping my fingers crossed!

When he was six, he had a blood sugar of around 200 at his well child check-up. The doctor sent us home, but then called and told us to go to the ER because it had to be diabetes. When we got there his blood sugar was back in range, but then we had to follow up with the endo because they weren't sure what was going on. We monitored his waking blood sugar for months after that and now I know he was high but the doctor said anything under 140 was okay. Well not for a waking blood sugar! I'm pretty sure he had elevated blood sugars for a while, but not enough to make him experience symptoms. He had the antibody tests, and a couple of other things (I asked for a celiac screening, and she did some other things as well) and we were basically told they didn't know what it was but since he was negative on the antibody screening, that was the end of it.

The other interesting thing was that at 6 he was also diagnosed with anxiety - something that is definitely worse when he has a high blood sugar even now - so I'm pretty sure they are tied in together somehow.

Two years later, he was high again at his well child check up, but this time the doctor thought he had some sort of slow progressing diabetes, like LADA, so she didn't send us to the ER but had us make a follow up appointment with the endo again. Well in that month between the doc visit and the endo appointment, he started actually showing all the signs and symptoms. I luckily had just had all his prescriptions (strips, lancets etc.) filled so I was able to check him myself about a week after I noticed symptoms. This time he was 516, and still over 300 by the time we got to the ER. I still think he was in the early stages since we were hyper-aware of what was going on, and his blood sugar was still coming down on it's own, but I don't remember then if the antibody test was done again . . . I was thinking of too many other things!!

In case all of you are wondering why I have brought this up... My son was dx'd at 12 months... he is now 4 so we have been dealing with diabetes for 3yrs now and every 3 months over he last 3 years we have been testing for any and all antibodies and every single tests every 3 months for the last 3 yrs has been negative... I find it odd... how can his body be atacking his beta cells and not produce antibodies for it???

My son's thyroid failed in second grade. At that time he tested negative for antibodies related to the autoimmune thyroid disease and celiac.

We always thought it was genetic because I gained weight in the second grade after a strange measles diagnosis called Echo and have had a weight problem ever since that time. (I should have bought Weight Watchers stock years ago). About 10 years ago, the thyroid normal ranges were adjusted down by several points and I was then given thyroid meds.

I am not sure about the antibodies for diabetes. I'll have to check next time to see if that was done.

oh yeah we have participated in the trial net studies... they are very important... if we have a better understanding as to why people get type 1 I think we will have a better understanding of how we can stop it prevent it and cure it!!! thanks for you input :-)

yes positive for 2,did this when she was diagnosed. Negative for celiac and thryroid for now.