Double Diabetes

In February I was diagnosed as a Double Diabetic. I have been a T1 for 34 years and for the last two years dealing w/ IR. it has thrown my blood sugar control into a tail spin and every day i have BS highs. Is there anyone else who is dealing w/ this same scenerio?

Careful there, someone might yell at your for using the term "double diabetic". I can't remember who or why, but it does tend to set some folks off. I think it makes perfect sense, I just wanted to warn you in case you get some unexpected flack.

I understand perfectly about the IR as I'm a T2 with ten years since diagnosis and now on MDI of Levemir and Novolog. Have you talked about metformin with your doctor? It's the one medication that is supposed to really help with insulin resistance (unfortunately, I can't take it because it tears up my fragile gut.)

Of course, exercise helps with IR, as does lower-carbing and (in many folks) trying to lose a bit of weight if you're obese. I am trying to low-carb and exercise more and I've found that my insulin requirements go down when I keep my carbs down to a dull roar and walk daily, despite my obesity.

Thanks for the heads up! i have never heard the term til i was diagnosed as one. . my dr. is putting me on metformin when i see her on the 20th of this month. she has wanted to put me on it for a couple months now but for some reason my pump specialist disagreed and won that disagreement, meanwhile i have been miserable w/ highs most of the time. So i requested to start it asap. Yes, i need to lose 30lbs. and I try to walk daily.

Well walking is getting sidelined. . i have had horrible pain in my calves during the walks, no matter if i walk slow or fast, short or long distance. . ugh!

I would recommend trying to walk through the pain. I had the same kind of pain and it was due to my high BG's. Now that I have my sugars in check the pain is gone.

I started Metformin last week and Wow! what a difference. . . my BS never went over 170 yesturday!! i havent been able to do that in years!! feeling better and better. . starting this day at 85, i am very excited:)

Sure! how do we go about doing this?