Down to 1 kidney, can't low carb, how do I eat now?

To expand on the title, I have kidney cancer, and had my right kidney removed on December 1st by an open radical nephrectomy. Now that I only have one kidney I can no longer eat high protein as I have to protect my kidney I have left.

So, what do I do now? I’m used to high protein, low carb and doing that has kept my a1c at 5.6, how do I eat now to keep my bg down but my kidney healthy?

I am so sorry to hear about this. I know my best friend had to donate one of her kidneys to her sister with Lupus. If I were in your position, I would try to speak to a dietician or doctor about your meal planning options, such as carb to protein ratio. I know this is easier said than done, but eating a lot of vegetables/salads and adding just small portions of lean protein like fish or poultry may be your best bet.

I have functionally one kidney (60% funtion in one 40% in the other-not diabetes related-was an issue pre-diabetes) You can live with one kidney quite well (have since I was 8) high protien loads occasionally not a prob–but on a regular basis cause me issues.

Personally I use a moderate carb ( about 170 gr/day) low end of moderate protien diet. Did your kidney doc provide guidance on how many gramsof protien (s)he recommended?

I am fairly insulin sensitive when not ill and my enod is very pleased with my current status…

Some of what I’ve been seeing lately in the medical notes suggests that high-protein diets don’t damage kidneys unless one is already in end-stage renal failure. Of course the third option for caloric maintenance is to add fats – preferrably healthy fats such as those found in nuts and seeds.

Eat high fat, normal protein, lower carbohydrate.

it is a mistake to think that a low carb diet has to be a high protein diet. In fact, it is a high FAT diet, but given the fear of fat, no one wanted to call it that.

High blood sugars are what clog up your kidneys, and there is growing evidence that A1c directly correlates with kidney function starting at the prediabetic level.

The other thing that has been found harmful is strong fluctuations in blood sugar level. So that is another reason to eat a lower carb/high fat/normal protein diet.

I agree. For years, dieticians put down the Atkins diet, but that is basically what it is.
High protein, fat, and low carb, the carbs being mostly vegetables.

When I went to the ADA, their dieticians gave me a diet I gained weight on. They seem really big on carbs, and wanting us to eat carbs. Their diet now says “50% carbs”.
Something is really wrong with that. I don’t see their “diet” as anything different from how most people eat.
When I said I didn’t want to eat all those carbs, aka sugar, they acted shocked, as if I had to have them. I said, “Eliminating or reducing carbs is the only big major change I can make that would substantially change things for me, or you’re just keeping me where I was.”

The breakfast had toast, cereal, and one egg. I said that one egg is not enough protein for me and I feel better eating eggs for breakfast instead of toast or cereal or pancakes.

Frankly, I am tired of it all. It seems the “authorities” are not the authorities on what works, and you guys out here know more. But there is no place to get specific help for my situation. Even my doctor does a “one size fits all” thing.