Downloading the UltraLink to Lifescan's software

I recently reinstalled Lifescan’s software on my computer, the latest version, and downloaded my UltraSmart with no problems. I then tried to download the UltraLink and kept getting error messages saying it couldn’t find it or something. The UL user manual says to leave the meter turned off when connecting the cable, and I did that.

Anyone able to download it successfully? My pump had a problem (Minimed said it was corrupted data) and I lost an entire week of information from it, and wanted to at least get my BGs from my meters.

When I installed the software, there were actually 2 disks I had to install. When I got them both installed, and installed in the right order (don’t remember the one that had to be installed first) the software has worked very well. Sounds like a call to tech support might be in order. (That’s what I had to do.) (I really hate to admit that but…)

I had the same problem, and when I called and spoke with them they told me I also needed a second piece of software to download anything but the UltraSmart. Good luck! The software should be free, by the way–if they talk about buying, reiterate that you already have the cable.

I was on the site a couple of days ago; it appears that both the UltraLink and the UltraMini require the separate meter driver software on Lifescan’s software page. You can click the above link, or I’ll try to state it explicitly here:

The UltraMini does require a software upgrade. Downloaded it and it works fine with the software.

That’s what I get for not reading anything. I just went and got the driver, thanks!

I bought my cable on EBAY and it saved me $10 but, it came with the software. I have been downloading my results from the Ultra 2 without a problem but I am getting an ultra mini so I can keep it at work as well. I was wondering how the results will fall into place…

It will fit right in. You’ll need to download the USB driver for the ultramini (available from the lifescan site) and install it, then when you bring up One Touch, you’ll be able to add the UltaMini readings into your general readings.

Thanks !!!

I’ve just started using the software but have been successful everytime. I open program first, then plug in cable to USB port. Then I plug in the meter leaving it off. Then I just click to transfer the data. I never cut the meter on.

NOTE: Before I could do the above I had to download the software and install. Then I had to download special drivers for the Ultra-link. I then went in to meter setup and had it locate and set up my pump (plug the pump in). If you don’t download the drivers it won’t work.