Limitations of the OneTouch UltraLink

I’m sure these have been discussed before, but I’m gonna do it again just to cause trouble

I’ve been using the UltraLink with my Minimed 722 for 10 days now, and here are the things that aggravate me about it

  1. Test will start without enough blood on strip

  2. Sometimes it is hard to get strip “lined up” with sample, esp if sugar is low

  3. Once I test, I have to pull out pump to save results. Need to be able to hit “OK” on meter to save result on pump, an “auto save” feature in setup would be ideal.

  4. Meter wirelessly talks to pump, pump wirelessly talks to computer. But I have to buy a separate kit that hooks the SERIAL port on the BACK of my computer for the meter and computer to be able to communicate? Come on guys, at least get close to the 21st century, Why won’t you let the meter talk to the Carelink USB dongle? Or at least, put a dang USB port on it. Oh yea, gotta sell those serial kits, soon they’ll be a collector’s item, you’ll find them on eBay in the Everything Else category

  5. This nylon case is pretty damn cheesy looking, even if black does accessorize everything…

All in all, the meter isn’t bad, it could do more though with a little more work between Lifescan and Medtronics on the usability, just my humble, but always correct, opinion


Scott: The Carelink USB should work. I called Medtronic the other day because I recently went from the BD to the Ultralink and tried using the BD cord with the Ultralink meter (bonehead move on my part). When I called Customer Service and said I had the USB they talked me through a few steps to have the computer accept the USB and I was in business. I got the USB from the company free (sent it to me way before I started using the Ultralink). Call Customer Service and Good Luck!

You have to “approve” your BS number to save it in the machine? I’m confused. I guess I do it uncosciously so I haven’t noticed having to “save” it since I usually run it with the Wizard function before eating anyway. I’m going to look closer into that.

Regarding the BS taking and the strips, I totally agree…Waste of stips when the machine counts down to an error!

I think the carrying case could be smaller too…:o)

Hello Scott,
Not too happy with the UltraLink, eh? I love it. I also got the Carelink free from Medtronics. Went to their online store and ordered it, and when I checked out, it showed a grand total of 0.00. Now that’s what I’m talking about! It works great too. Also, not sure about you “saving” the BG reading. I also have the 722 and when I check my BG the pump automatically saves it. If you press the escape button your last BG will be right there on the top line. So if your talking about going back later maybe and doing a bolus and it only shows dashes when you press the Bolus button, just escape out, press escape again and viola! There’s your last BG. You can then go back to Bolus and enter that reading manually. Also, if you go to Act and select Bolus then scroll down and select Bolus History, it will show you all of your BG readings you have taken with your Ultralink. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are talking about, but that has been my experience. Good Luck, and have a great week. I have no complaints with the 722 or the Ultralink or the Carelink USB.

Hi Bobby,

About automatically saving the results, it does save them, I was trained wrong. My educator told me I had to do that when I really didn’t.

Thanks Jody,

I got a USB cable kit for it, I didn’t even know they were available. I’ve got one of the Carelink dongles and it works with the pump no problem, but doesn’t seem to want to talk directly to the meter. I guess since the meter stores all the readings on the pump, it’s not that big a deal.

I don’t try to connect my UltraLink to my computer. The BG readings go into my MM 522 automatically. Then they are uploaded with everything else in the 522 through the CareLink connector.

My son still is using the BD meter with the MM 722. We just haven’t made the switch. We could save $50 each 3 months on test strips with the One Touch Ultra. We only have the one free meter Medtronic gave him. He’s at college. I’d say he definitely needs 2, but I’m not about to pay for a second meter. So… y’all think we should make the switch to the One Touch Ultra? I’m just not so sure there seems to be some cons… It also takes a 1.0 drop of blood compared to the .3 with the BD.

I made the switch, I could not get them to give me a second meter free, but my insurance paid half, call metronics and have them check if your insurance will pay.

They won’t. :frowning:

When I got my pump they sent me the Onetouch Ultralink…I like my other onetouch better. I am able to put more information into the meter and then download it. I am also using a CGM so I always have blood sugars recorded. I just have to manuel check my blood sugar 3 times aday…it has saved me on having to buy test strips every two weeks. With my insurance I have to pay for everything up front then get reimbursed…that sucks as the test strips run me about $95 for a box of 100…

just get another onetouch meter, because they all use the same test strips

there is another discussion on this group on how to get a free mini