Ultra link

Does anyone know where I can find an ultra link meter? I already checked ebay and haven't had any luck.

Do you mean the OneTouch UltraSmart?

Nope. They're different.

Tough one. Ultralink meter has basically been phased out in favor of VarioIQ for datalinks, but those link to PC's and cellphones and ipads, not to pumps like the original Ultralink. Normally you would find a huge grey market in older meters on Ebay but this was a rather specialized meter with wireless datalink for one kind of pump, and unlike the Ebay grey market sources, the folks with pumps actually use meters and test strips!

I think maybe a DME supplier (one that specializes in pumps) may still have but even then it will be slim pickings.

Yeah, I was hoping someone would know something I didn't. Unfortunately, my doc ordered the wrong test strips for the next 3 months so I have to get a new meter. They were trying to get test strips compatible with my pump at a cheaper cost so they ordered the ultra blues not realizing that meter was discontinued. So now I'm stuck with them till my next refill is due. The pharmacy won't take them back and they won't fill my current strips untill the 3 months are up.

OK, if you aren't so picky about the meter that uploads to your pump, there's a whole lot meters that use the Ultra Blue strips. "Onetouch Ultra2" and "Onetouch UltraMini" seem to be pretty popular at the drugstore shelves and on the grey market right now (see a bunch of grey market ones on Amazon and E-bay).

I wish I kept my ultra link from my bad experience with the pump, because I'd send you that. I gave it back to my CDE though and won't be around that office again until August.

Thanks everyone. I had an amazing person give me one. What a great little community we have here.