Dr. Bernstein - here I come!

I'm in a terrible mood... on a rant!
The pump is innocent; I love my pump.
But I eat out a lot and accurate carb counting is impossible for me. I am an intelligent woman, and I know as much about Type 1 as most, but I weigh 106 and I'm extremely insulin sensitive. My last A1C was 6.4. I try hard!
But this yo-yo high/low bs life has got me hopping mad. I'm cranky from Sat midnight's low of 31 and this morning's 50-224 swing. I'm DONE with carbs.
Once before I went on Dr. Bernstein's diet and my bs was great. I stopped after 2 mos cuz my weight went down and my cholesterol went up. (And let's face it, it's not an easy meal plan.)
Does anybody relate to my rant?

I can certainly relate! Following Dr. Bernstein's plan keeps my sugars right where they should be, but when I stray I get those same up and down swings that drive me crazy! I recommend his plan to every diabetic who comes into my office, because from personal experience, it's the only plan that really works

Relax, You are doing fine. Your A1C is great! Restaurants are my biggest problem and it's tough to manage my "D".

I've been following Dr. Bernstein's guidelines for over 3.5 years. I lost weight that I couldn't afford to lose & added more protein to gain weight back & maintain it. I weigh 103 lbs, so it was only a matter of a few additional ounces of protein at lunch & dinner. My lipid profile improved on low carb. Not the cholesterol that matters, but your ratio.

Awful swinging between low & high. Exhausting & not healthy, of course. A1c only tells a small part of the picture. Standard deviation is important.

Well, I don't pump, just on MDI, but I can appreciate your feelings. Although we are often told that we can eat whatever we want and just bolus, that is just untrue. Any mistake in counting carbs or a mismatch in the ratios and BLAMMO. Eating a more carb restrictive diet reduces those errors.

We do have a group here devoted to Dr. B, we would love to have you join. I think Dr. B has always suggested that the key to sustaining weight is protein. On the whole cholesterol issue, that is of course very controversial. There are many that while cholesterol levels may rise initally with a low carb diet, that after 6 to 9 levels often fall to right down to "healthy" levels. Many people find that the important cholesterol fractions of triglycerides and HDL are immediately corrected with low carb.

Even if you don't adopt Dr. B's 6-12-12, the principle of reducing carbs and the "law of small numbers" can help.

ps. I have developed good coping skills for eating out.

Ditto. Carbs = Poison

Oh, you make me feel sooooo much better. How I need your support! I was afraid I was going to get lectured on carb counting!
Jdoc, Mike, Gerri, bsc, it is so good to read about your experiences. I just ate a Dr. B lunch so I'm on my way. You all sound so positive!

It's great to hear from someone with the light-weight issues. You can't complain in public about having lost weight!

"Just bolus!" yeah, right.... I say bolus at your own risk in our position!
Please share with us some of your restaurant coping strategies.

Thank you for telling me about the Dr. B group. I typed his name in the search box for forums, but didn't think about the groups. I'm a newbie.

I love that! I'm going to stick that one on my wall..... above the cookie jar

Realize you asked bsc about eating out, but glad to share what I do. I pretty much eat in restaurants as I do at home. I stay with protein & low carb vegetables. I request sauces on the side & ask the waiter to ask the chef what ingredients are in dishes. I specifically ask if there's flour, corn starch or other thickeners used. I sub vegetables for starches since most entrees come with rice, potatoes or pasta.

Oh this is just what I need... encouragement!
When I followed Dr. B before, I was alone crying in the wilderness. It is a lonely walk. With your enthusiasm, I think I can become a convert.
I had just decided NOT to buy his revision thinking there couldn't be anything new. With your recommendation I will buy it. Can you say what impresses you most about the new edition?

Thanks! I couldn't find Dr. B's bran crisps so I substituted seasoned rye crisp which my husband and I both love. He too went on the no sugar no flour train and lost 16 lbs. Pitas are a great idea!
With such low carb intake, do you still bolus at all? Or does your basal cover little nibbles like these?

While in principle I agree with the Bernstein approach, I find the achieving the normal blood sugar (83 with little deviation) a goal that will absolutely drive you nuts. I've tried, but for me no matter how hard I try, I can't do it. I think I could only eat rocks and still be out of the normal range. I find the bloodsugar101 goals a little more realistic and achievable. So I use the law of small numbers and allow myself a little more flexibility on the blood sugar goals.

You know, Jim, I think his expectation of normal blood sugars is unrealistic for me too. When I test at 80, for instance, with my insulin on board, I'm either going higher or I'm going lower. What I know for sure is that I am NOT going to stay at 80. We know the law of small numbers is ideal, and we'll see less movement, but I don't know just how I could hang out at 80 for a long period of time.

i'm very thin too, weigh about 103 and stuggle to keep weight on, trying to gain weight. i low carb, nothing structured really, just low carb about 40+ per day...but I eat fruit, low carb breads, yogurt (low carb), and snacks...I just don't have a huge appetitte. I love veggies, eat lots of them and protein too. but, if I want a snack or major carbs, i eat those too..!

that's not even possible for a non diabetic person, their blood sugars fluctuate too. even a non diabetic NEVER stays within just a 80 blood sugar range. I mean..at a point, it's a bit ridiculous. Why not just strive to do your best, cut back, eat well, etc...our bodies don't know the difference between a 80 or 120 blood sugar, anything within that range is still 100% normal.

It doesn't always go that smoothly but I think "goals" of "normal" will lead to more normal results than backing off on standards? I don't think that loose standards are a good target for a lot of people because they become an end, not a means to an end. Each little test is a firefight in a daily battle in a war vs. diabetes and I think that it is important to fight to win each battle. I don't give up when I don't make it but I keep my head in the game?

I think this is one of the biggest misnomers of living with type 1. They tell us now that we can eat "anything" provided we correctly match our insulin to our carbs. I think this is fine for special occasions (and by "special" I mean no more than once or twice per month) but to do this on a daily basis is just, IMO, reckless. I understand the desire to make people with T1 feel like they are "normal" but the reality is that a critical organ in our body doesn't work and we are operating our pancreas on manual mode.

The more insulin you take, the more room there is for error. It's fine if this is a once-per-month treat, but when you start doing this on a daily basis, you're gonna make HUGE mistakes.

For me, I have achieved relatively good control by cutting all refined carbs out of my diet. No rice, pasta, or bread for me. I was eating these things a couple of years ago and my control went to crap. I am now able to keep my A1C in the upper 7s, which my endo is relatively ok with given my insulin sensitivity, hormonal fluctuations, and active lifestyle. What I really try to avoid is the HUGE swings (like going from 30 up to 300). It's hard, but when I really limit those carbs, there are days when I can stay in the 90s and 100s quite easily.