Dr. Faustman's Latest Update

I am attaching here the most recent newsletter update from Dr. Faustman’s Lab:
7026-FaustmanUpdatesSumFall09.pdf (402 KB)

Thanks for the update Manny! Good to see this project alive and kicking with what appears to be good news. It’s time to send them my yearly donnation! Though I’d be pretty content with Smartinsulin a reversal of this mother would be the bomb!

I don’t understand why her lab has to MAKE the BCG. We had to give that to our 1 year old daughter back in 1956 when we were in Africa, to prevent her catching TB from those we were around. I can see why figuring the DOSE is important - but even I can figure how much more I weigh than a mouse. Doses are weight related, aren’t they? Anything to keep the Institutional Research Board and NIH or whoever accepting of what’s done. I wonder what the drug house will figure needs to be added in order to get a new patent? Old drugs CAN be used for off label purposes.


The Faustman Lab has to follow FDA guidelines to get into trials. Unfortunately for us it drags it out longer then proabably needed. I’m not sure if there is another part to the equation for this therapy?? Its hard to believe that just the proper dose of a cheap generic drug in existence would be able to reverse diabetes but who knows. I would guess deep down Denise probably feels the chances of this working are pretty good considering what she has to go through to find out.