Drastic changes to blood sugars

For the last month I've been reading abnormally high. Typically my basal was 12.3 units daily my i.c. ratio 1 to 12. Now I've upped my basal to 14.85 units per day and I'm still high. Called my Doc, thought maybe the pump wasn't doing it for me anymore, but she made some adjustments to my correction factor, and said to send sugars in Monday. I don't think she was getting that it's just not my corrections. The only time I've ever taken this much insulin was when I was on steroids. Iwent from .40-.60 an hour to .45-.70, and am considering moving it up some more. I'm so FRUSTRATED. Do I all of a sudden have insulin resistance? Just had to rant. Thanks

I went through the exact same thing! Maybe a month ago, I had to raise my basal rates by probably 40%, and it all happened over night! I haven’t had a satisfactory answer as to why it happened.

I can understand the frustration 100%. Just when I think I have the basal set correctly, things go haywire. It is the “joys” of having diabetes. I am changing things all the time and realize that until I retire and lead a regular same kind of day every day, it will keep changing. Hang in there. Really don’t think it’s anything is wrong just once again things are a changing! Just wondering how long have you had diabetes? And what kind of job do you have?

I’m a housewife and I’ve had Diabetes for 40 years. That post was from over a year ago. I had been high for almost 3 months. Usually when I run either high or low it’s like a couple of weeks. Then I’ll adjust and be fine. 40 years of D and I was perplexed. Now I’m back down to normal amounts of insulin for me.

I have this problem every year at this time the springtime brings along the seasonal allergies that make my blood sugar go up and stay up throughout the season then miraculously when the season is over it comes back down please have patience