Drivers license and diabetes

Is there something we can do to prevent having to submit that darn DMV paperwork every year? Its confusing because it might be due in 6 months or 4 years, and there’s no way to know for sure. I didn’t get the notification by mail this year and my license has been suspended for 2 weeks and I have to go to court for driving with a suspended license that I didn’t get notification of.

My case for not having this form is that most of the diabetics that I know, including myself, have never lost consciousness from diabetes. And, the hospital is required to submit notification to the state if you loose consciousness behind the wheel. So, it seems superfluous and like undue burden. I feel like way more people loose consciousness from random incidents of dehydration or from taking blood pressure medication. They don’t have to submit a form. Only diabetics, epileptics, and individuals with vision problems are required to submit the form.

Mohe, How drivers licenses are handled does depend on state regulations/attitudes, etc. Having had T1D since I was 8yo. (I am now 71) things have changed (usually for the better) and I have lived in 6 different states (all in the Midwest). I found that having submitted doctors recommendations several times over the years they did finally drop this requirement. Now I no longer do anything special. I have lived in Ohio since 1998

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Where are you located? I don’t have to do that. They don’t know I am a diabetic. They never asked.

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I lived in CT when dx’d back in '83 and in MA since '88. Never had to submit anything about being diabetic/insulin dependent. Really curious what state(s) still require this.

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Not Tennessee

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MA asks whether you take any medication that can cause a change in consciousness on their application for license renewal. I answer that question yes and have to submit a letter from my endo that he doesn’t know anything that should keep me from having my license renewed. It makes the process a little more cumbersome but then it’s only once every five years.

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I’m in Georgia. I just renewed my driver’s license recently for the next 8 years. They never asked any health questions and I didn’t even have to take an eye test. I am at that age where I thought for sure either I would have to have an eye exam or possibly my license would only be renewed for 2 years. Nope, good for 8. I have had some severe lows while driving, right after diagnosis, but now I do test before driving and if long distance, test frequently, and also have someone with me in case I feel I should not continue to drive. I do know in Georgia, driving with a low blood sugar and getting into an accident or any altercation is considered as bad as DUI. I am not sure I agree with that, but my opinion doesn’t matter.

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California requires any ER to notify the Bureau of Vital Statistics for loss of consciousness, seizures, etc, who then reports to the state DMV. Typically an individual who shows up in an ER in that state has their drivers license immediately invalidated. They must then wait for the DMV Medical Examiners office to contact them for an interview (usually takes 8-12 weeks). I personally have been in front of the DMV Medical Review board 3 times for loss of consciousness (never while driving) when out and about in my normal life. It has cost me my livelihood - my commercial drivers license and all endorsements. If it happens again I will not be allowed to drive in any US state. I now wear a CGM, and always finger stick whenever I am going to drive. I understand the reasons for the DMV policies, and while I am not happy about them, the policies are there to protect the public at large.

Just my 2 cents

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Wow. I got my diagnosis of diabetes by my children taking me to the ER. I was in a DKA coma at the time, and spent 4 days in the CCU, and 4 days in a step-down unit. Nothing was reported to the DMV. People suffering from seizure disorders are also allowed to drive despite having had seizures while driving. In fact they are allowed to drive daycare buses full of children. When I lived in NY, my aunt had one seizure and her driver’s license was taken away. She had to be seizure free for more than a year and get a doctor’s release. It is interesting that the states differ so much in these matters. I would never forgive myself if I harmed someone, so I am extra careful now. Immediately after diagnosis, I honestly didn’t know I would have “lows”. I received no education about diabetes, proper management or anything else for that matter. I am self-taught, and owe a lot of my knowledge from Tudiabetes and reading books. I do wonder how many people get this diagnosis and have no idea what to expect, just like I didn’t.


Sorry to hear of the situation, the medication might have caused it. Submit a letter from endo about that he don’t know it and you are done.

what state is that form a requirement because I have never had to submit a form I live in AZ since 2013 they never asked I’m 28 now and my licensed is good till I’m 64 before that I lived in MI from diagnoses till 2013 when I moved here to AZ and neither state had asked

My wife had to surrender her PA driver’s license after her third accident caused by an episode of unaware hypoglycemia. After the police investigated her last accident, and the two previous accidents showed up on her driver’s record she was forced to surrender her driver’s license. Also, some insurance companies want to know if you have diabetes, and will not insure you because of it, as we well know. This is certainly unfair, but its the litigious society we live in today. Lastly, as I told her it’s better to give up your license rather than your life, or someone else’s in an automobile accident.


In Minnesota there are medical questions when you get or renew your DL. One asks if you have a medical condition that might interfere with your driving. I could say yes or no and probably be able to support my answer. However, one of the next questions is “Do you use insulin?” I of course say yes because I would be committing fraud to say anything else. I am sent a form every 3 years that I complete part of and then fax to my endo who completes the rest. She specifies how often I should be evaluated and she selects the maximum time. But she could select 6 months, a year, etc. My endo’s office then faxes the form to the DMV.

I used to get upset when I got the form, but life is too short to worry about whether I should have to do this. It is easier to take the ten minutes to deal with it and then be done for three more years.

Thats great! I was not optimistic that it could be so.

Minnesota. I’m crazy jealous of you all! I will not fill you in on all the terrible paperwork details. Suffice to say, its a goofy waste of time.

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Nothing required for diabetics in Colorado. Never have been asked in Idaho, Alaska, Montana either. I was in Minnesota in 2006-2008 and did not have to answer medical questions on diabetes.

I think that’s part of the paperwork failure - it could be six months, or 1 year, or 4 years and I don’t get notification of which it will be. That’s a DMV failure, though. They should have sent be a renewal notice.

Medical conditions requiring a Doc note to drive in Minnesota

Found this! Scroll to the bottom of the page to choose your state