Low blood sugar and auto accident

I was driving home from work and ran over a median, blood sugar was low. I had tested before leaving work and it was fine. My blood sugar dropped quickly, I had recently changed basal settings in my pump, (I am not sure if this was the cause of the quick drop?) I am getting a dexcom, and hope this will help to alert me of a sudden low. I was not ticketed by police but a police report was made. I am now very concerned that I will lose my drivers license. Anyone know what happens next? Anyone been in this same situation?

This could be a good time for competent legal advice what happens next could depend very much on the jurisdiction. Possibly contact the diabetic ■■■ in your area and ask them what next and if they know of a good lawyer.

Not a lawyer and never had this happen, but if there wasn't a ticket issued for reckless driving or driving while impaired it would seem like you would be OK. Were you blacked out and need assistance? Was there an official blood sugar taken by a medical profession (paramedics, hospital)?

Don't feel so bad the same thing happened to me on January 2 2012 while on my way to work. I had lunch at noon time tested blood glucose snd it was fine little lower then I would have liked but OK. I left for work at 1PM and some time on my way driving to work my Sugar dropped. I was in an area I didn't know and when police pulled me over EMS was called when I told office I was Type 1 when EMS showed up they test my sugar and it was 37. I was given medication in ambulance and taken to hospital. Police took a report but no problems since. I would like to thank a person who saw me sriving funny for calling police be for a accident could have happened. I was released from hospital after 5 hours and sister picked me up. I eventully found my car parked in a shopping center parking lot.

This happened to author Jim Hirsch. He devotes about a chapter in his book 'Cheating Destiny' to the accident he had when he was hypoglycemic and had his young son Garret in the car with him. Scary stuff....I know my CGM has bailed me out of several difficult situations while driving

I live in Nevada and no I did not pass out but was confused. There was an accident report filled out as the car had damage. The polie officer stated that the information is now in their system in case it happens again. I am worried that the DMV will contact me when they see the report even if a ticket wasnt issued. I do feel really bad about the whole thing, I am very carefully about driving and only frive when necessary since being diagnosed. I always check my sugars and I have a dexcom ordered. I cant figure why my blood was normal when leaving work and droppd so quickly. I am wondering if blood test strips error is possible, or the basal rate adjustments for my pump were the reason. I appreciate the responses. Just wondering if I will lose my license and if it it for ever as I am fairly young.

Thsnks Bill, I do feel really bad! Your episode sounds similar to mine except I hit a median. No ticket, but an accident report filed. EMS were call and my glucose was also 37, I was talking but confused. They gave me something to raise sugar and they left. Police offer stated the information was now in their system and they would know if it happens again. I really need to drive to get to work and I am so scared that the DMV will now get the report and suspend my license. I plan on only driving as really needed and ony when I get my dexcom. Thanks for your reply.

Take a gander at this I found @ diabetes.org Diabetic License in Nevada

I'm very sorry you had to go through this. What a drag.

I hope everything works out OK.


Have had some EMT visits in my life, but never on the road. I am a trainer and have have traveled all over this area by car for 18 years. One and only time I had a problem and it scared me. I had gone off the road for lunch and taken a wrong turn into an industrial area. Turned around in a parking lot and ran over a median. Sat and breathed for a while and found food in a KFC full of truck drivers (in SW VA, FGS). Was OK, but scared.

Here is my question: You test low before leaving work and treat (have a CGM..) and are stopped. Would they cite me?

Okay, I live in Michigan and as a paramedic I have been called to similar scenarios many times. Yes there is a report on file, and if it happens again then the police officer will probably go through proper channels to have you drivers license suspended. However, it can only be suspended until you have not had an episode in 6 months that would impair your ability to drive. A CGM would make it reasonable to assume that this would not happen again. So if anything does come up as far as suspending your license, you can go to court and show them the CGM and it shouldn’t be a problem. You won’t lose your license forever, if you lose it at all. Half the time saying they put it in the computer is just to scare you so you won’t let it happen again.

When you renew your license at least here, you sign papers saying you have not had any medical conditions that have caused you to lose consciousness unknowingly or could impair your ability to drive in the last 6 months.

That kind of stuff is really state specific. I've dealt with car accidents at work a lot (claims...) and would not mess around with it. If there's even a whiff of consequences, which the original post and the link whoda posted suggest, I'd at least talk to a local attorney. A lot of times, with DUI stuff, the attorney will lay out the options and be able to tell you how much a given and likely result will cost, in terms of $$. I'd say that'd be your best option?

I'd agree I think consulting your local lawyer would be your best option, however since a ticket was not issued and only a report, I think chances are you are probably ok as long as you don't have another incident. Def getting a CGM will benefit you if any issues arise from this. But as AR suggested talking with a lawyer would be wise.