Dropped my Freestyle Libre Reader in water

I accidentally dropped my Freestyle Libre reader in water and am absolutely terrified that I’ve destroyed it. It spent no more than a few seconds submerged, then I dried it off immediately and have it sealed in a bag of rice. It’s been in there 8 hours now and still won’t turn on. I can still see a few droplets of water behind the plastic of the screen, although there are fewer drops there than before. Has anyone had a similar experience and were you able to salvage the reader? If so, how long did you have to wait before it worked again?

I wore my dexcom into a pool last summer for 5 minutes and it was destroyed. I tried the rice. Fortunately it was covered on home owners so I was able to replace it right away. I hope yours recovers. few seconds it much less time so maybe it will. Good luck

Hold onto hope (and keep the reader in the bag o’ rice) for the next 72 hours or so. If it doesn’t work by then, you are screwed and will need to replace it. My condolences…

ETA: You may want to consider (clean :smile_cat:) highly-absorbent kitty litter in place of the rice which you could replace with fresh litter every 8 hours or so. Good luck!

My wife had a similar case with her iPhone in the toilet. To make a long story short - she had to buy a new one. In order not to waste any sensor time, get either a back-up reader, i.e. have two or an android phone where you can download the LibreLink software or any of the 3rd party ones. In that case you are fully covered.

my freestyle reader fell in water, what chances have I of it working?

If it was turned on and running electrical current, then it might be fried. I would turn it off and let it dry out for a couple weeks. Open it up as much as possible to speed drying - open up the lid where batteries go, for instance. Remove the battery. Let the battery dry separately. Dont put it into a “hot” area to dry it. Don’t be too aggressive with your attempts to dry it. Use passive drying. keep it in a room temperature environment for a week or two.

Odds are low, but there is room for individual success. My dad dropped his cell phone in a puddle of water. He found it, submerged, 2 hours later. He turned it off and placed it on his dashboard to dry out for several days. The internals of the phone had the ability to shut it down if it got wet.

It was not turned on - fell out my pocket into the pond !!!
Doesn’t seem to have a battery compartment

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perfect. Your odds might be pretty good, then. LEt us know how it turns out. Fingers crossed.

How did it go? i just dropped mine yesterday and it turned on for like five minutes and was working perfectly then it turned off again. What was your experience? please let me know thx!!

I submerged my Dexcom reader in a dress that I added into a washer load and rescued it within a few seconds, it was toast. I tried leaving it in rice for more than a week…still toast.