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I just put my first sensor on today,seems to be working fine. My problem is the reader will not let me open the little wheel up in the corner for settings. I tap tap tap and nothing happens. I do not have a smart phone. My husband has an iPhone, but I wasn’t sure that would work, since we are not together all the time. Any suggestions, or ideas. Nancy50

Try holding your finger on it for a little longer. But if that doesn’t work call Abbot, they are very good about replacing things when needed. More than all likely they will send you a new reader and a box for you to send back the old one so you won’t be without a reader…

It will be somewhat inaccurate, although it’s better at the lower numbers. I used to automatically add on numbers to the one it showed. But the trends or the way your numbers are going are wonderful to know!

Thank you,Maria. Th worked,I am loving this😎. My fingers are loving it even more,lol. Nancy50

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Hi, Nancy ~ I just want to say that there’s no reason you can’t go ahead and put the LibreLink app on your husband’s smart phone – for whenever it might be convenient to use. Some of the displays I find are more clear, and seem more detailed than on my Libre 14 Day reader (maybe because it’s larger) – but I use both my reader and my iPhone at different times.

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Thank you,he is going to put it on his phone as he always has it with him.

Nancy Matulis

@Nancy50 It depends which Libre you have, but if it’s the 14 day one try to scan it on his phone at least once about every 8 hours if you want to see all the info it gives. The sensor only remembers info for the last 8 hours. I can’t remember about the Libre2, I think you might not have to worry about it because it does bluetooth communicate all the time for the alerts. I switched back to the 14 day one or I would check, I already wear a Dexcom for alerts and info.

If you want to use both the reader and the phone, be sure to start the scanning of the new sensor with the reader. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 14 days until the next one.

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Thanks for that. Nancy 50

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