Soaking wet Dexcom receiver

Maybe this will help anyone as clumsy as I was - While brushing my teeth I knocked my Dexcom receiver into the toilet. I snatched it out and wiped it off as quickly as possible. I continued to operate for a few hours, but over the course of the day, the display went blank. I was pretty bummed.

A quick check on the web told me you could put soaked electronics in uncooked rice. The rice draws the moisture out of the device. I stuck my receiver in a tupperware container of dry rice, snapped on the lid, and waited.

In about 24 hours the screen could be read. I rebooted (you know about rebooting your receiver, right?) and everything worked. I reset time and date, and all was good!

that’s great news. I wonder if it will work on cell phones and Blackberrys?

Yup. A friend of mine did the same thing (with her cell though, not CGM) and phone worked just fine.

Man, I wish I’d known that when I put my receiver through the washing machine.




Wow good info. I know that when something gets wet and you can remove the battery, you should do so until it dries. But I had never heard of the rice solution.

Glad to hear yours ended up ok.

I did the exact same thing, except my end result was not as nice. Reciever dropped in the toilet for about a second, dried it off, and it worked for about 10 minutes, then the screen stopped working and it turned off; tried to restart it with no success then left it in a bowl of rice for a couple of days before giving up on it.