VERY Mundane and Terrifiying Topic: Dry, Cracked and Bleeding Feet

Over the last 4 months I have slathered moisturizers, oils, Vaseline all over my heels. After the slather, I put on socks, hoping to help soften the heels. I also use a pumice stone in the shower to smooth away the roughness. I wear thick cotton socks most of the time in winter.

Noticed an odd feeling on my foot yesterday and this morning it was more noticeable. It is a hard to see spot--left heel, outside, underside. But with a mirror I could see redness within an area of cracked skin. I cleaned it scrupulously, Neosporin, band aid, socks. It looks better (I think...), still hurts a bit but no redness.

This is very new. Frightens me. I have done everything I can think of. Ideas?

I have pitiful feet. They go in cycles, for a while they're good and then I'll get a blister that I swear is not caused by anything external, it comes from the inside and works its way out. I can get calluses in a week. When I do have a bout of calluses, I use Vicks vaporub and socks at night and it really softens my feet. This has absolutely no correlation with my blood sugar, it is seldom over 140 even after I eat, and the podiatrist says I have very good circulation. Be careful of bandaids, some of them are medicated and can provoke problems. A good thing is to just sit out in the sun barefoot. I know that sounds weird, but it works.

I, on the other hand, have terrible circulation, although to my understanding it is unrelated to my D. My toes are often miscolored especially during winter.

Go to a podiatrist. Maybe find warm socks not made from cotton. I hope they get better soon.

I second Sam's suggestion to go to a podiatrist. They have lots of practical suggestions for these kinds of things. You seem so willing to do whatever is necessary. Podiatrists love to see that attitude in their patients.

Good luck. You're right to be frightened. It's my understanding that vigilance with feet issues for a PWD can not be overdone.

For me it goes in cycles. What has worked the best is Bag Balm. Will lay on thick at bedtime after a shower so feet are soft, then on with a pair of wool blend socks.

Diabetes can cause microvascular problems, particularly on the extremities. Poor healing, dry skin and hair loss are common. I have hair loss on my lower legs. Bernstein recommends regular use of mink oil to restore moisture to you feet. I've also heard some recommendations for coconut oil.

I had some success last night. I washed my feet, put some more Neosporin on the crack, then slathered them with a cream called Utterly sMOOth. I wrapped my heels in saran wrap and put socks over that. The redness is all gone, and the heels seem less dry.

I have good circulation in my feet according to the doctors, but I know that 50 years as a Type 1 has an impact, which is why I am so very careful about my feet.

I'm glad to hear it feels better! I also agree that taking something to a podiatrist sooner, rather than later, is a very good idea. I've had a few things w/ my feet (ran 7 miles w/ 2 pairs of socks on as it was 7 degrees, toenail turned black, cellulitis and then, more recently, burns from yoga mats...) and, when they turn red, I get them checked out and the docs are always 100% "I'm glad you came in to get this checked out...". I would chalk it up as a good sign that it hurt as that would show your nerves are probably working.

I've read some horror stories of PWD getting infections after having their callouses reduced by podiatrists. My podiatrist said that he was aware of the risk, and was very careful with mine. He used something like an electric buffer.

I've had patches of hair fall out of my legs as well, but since my control has improved, they have grown back.

Zinc oxide, I have found, works well for cracked heels. (Used to buy tubes of it in Mexico as "Pasta Lassar").

I'll just share a couple of things here. Not sure if anything I say will help.
I use Eucerin and/or Lubriderm lotion. So far they are the only lotions that do anything for my feet.
I use the forever file made for feet in the shower with soap to smooth rough patches. I don't overdo and it's slow going when my feet get "out of hand".
Something I've been working on right now is drink, drink, drink fluids. It does make a difference with all of my skin.
I'm so sorry you're having such difficulties. Feet can be very scary. I know winter is the worst for myself and my feet. If I don't stay on top of things, they can get bad quickly.
Oh and the Oil of Olay in shower body lotion is helpful as well. Put it on in the shower and rinse it off. It creates a soft barrier that moisturizes, smooths and protects your skin. It's expensive but worth the money. Look for coupons. You can use it all over your body or just your feet. Be careful not to slip in the shower. It also takes a step out of my routine. By using the lotion in the shower, I just pat my skin dry after a shower and I'm lotioned and ready to get dressed and go.