Dry Skin Around My Surgery Site

OK I have a question that may sound really dumb but I gotta ask it anyway. I had carera tunnel surgery done on my left hand 3 weeks ago but after all the lotion and Vitaman E it still is drying up like crazy. I have to ask is this right or do I need to do something to make the skin softer? I really don’t want another scar on my body if I can get out of it. Thanks

I was also going to suggest Aquaphor. Or Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula for hands. I use both on my feet, and it has helped so much! i started using Neutrogena’s body lotion, and the itchiness is easing up on my arms and legs.

Or A&D ointment - contains vitamins A & D and helps with all types of healing. If you try this, though, be careful because it’s really greasy and a little goes a llllllooooonnnnnnggggg way!

Thanks to all of you! I was really worried about this scaring YET ANOTHER part of my body! i will try these and see what happens! Along time ago after I had rotator cup surgery a dr told me to open up a Vitmen E tablet and squirt it over the site. I still got a scar from it! But I will admit not as bad as it could have been! HA!