Dual wave bolus?

Will anyone please give me details, I guess in baby talk, hahah, b/c
I’m not understanding what I “googled”. I had a cde "go through it"
with me, and sure was “a quick one”. I tried to do this myself. Why does it run
longer than the time I put it for? (3 hours, ran close to 5)? Why does
it do the 1/2 I set it for & just stay showing on the screen the 2nd 1/2,
but not deliver the 2nd right then? My numbers stayed more stable, so
good, but I’d like to understand what I’m doing, why, and how :confused:
Thank you!

The general rule of thumb is insulin (humalog) peaks in activity 2 hours after the bolus. Therefore if you dual wave with the extended bolus lasting for 1 hour then, 3 hours after your meal you will see the of your peak from the extended bolus.

here is a discussion with many replies on dual wave bolusing


Danny, who stated the discussion, knows a lot about the subject.