DuoDerm - Question

Thanks for letting me know about DuoDerm - it totally stopped the Dexcom itching - I’ve been going crazy for a few months with rashes and terrible itching - tried just about everything and this is the only thing that’s worked. I wore the last sensor for 3 weeks - it worked fine & never bothered me - I just decided it was time to change. My question is - how do you get the “glue” off of your skin after you’re removed the patch? I’ve tried soap, naturally, alcohol - nothing seems to remove it completely. If that’s the only drawback, i’ll deal with it! Thanks!

There’s a product called Uni-Solve that is made specifically to do this. It works great! you can get it from Amazon, or ask your pharmacist.

Thanks Marie!

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i love unisolve It gets rid of ll kinds of stuff for me. Bills, bad memories, Names of ex girl Friends. I say unisolve it !!!