Best method for removing Dexcom adhesive?

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Does anyone else have a lot of trouble removing the Dexcom adhesive? I’ve been on the Dex for about 2.5 months now. I exclusively put the sensors on the back of my arms because I had terrible issues getting the sensors to stick on my abdomen, and all the adhesive “helpers” I used either gave me insanely itchy rashes (TransPore tape, Tegaderm) or didn’t work (Mastisol, SkinPrep, SkinTac).

But now on the back of my arm where there aren’t the same issues with constant movement disturbing the site, the adhesive is too strong! Even using multiple Uni-Solve wipes (usually 2 or 3) and alcohol swabs, I end up with sticky residue left over that then collects lint from my clothes and looks unsightly :frowning:

So I’m wondering if anyone out there has tried something else for removing the adhesive. Perhaps Detachol? (I don’t have any, as I’ve always found that Uni-Solve does a fine job of removing even Mastisol.)


I first wipe the area with neosporin and let sit 1 hour. Then wipe off with mild face wipe.

J&J Baby Oil! Works wonders for my daughter…way better than anything else we’ve tried. Soak a cotton ball and wipe the area well…let it rest and then you can rub it off easily after just a few minutes.

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Interesting, I’ll try it! The other thing behind the timing of my post is that I have precious few Uni-Solve wipes left and my next pump supply order with a new box of Uni-Solve isn’t coming for a couple of weeks…so I’m glad to find a potential solution that I can purchase (and cheaply, too!) at my corner drugstore.

I assume you use the Neosporin ointment (oily, sort of clear-ish) rather than the cream? Given the next suggestion, I’m guessing this works more because of the oils in the ointment. (Uni-Solve is also kind of oily, so I think there’s a theme here…)

I’ll have to try this. I think the removal is worse than changing the sensor itself. I have no problem with it staying on my abdomen. It’s really uncomfortable to get them off though.

Hint - use Goo-gone (get at wal-mart) to remove the adhesive residue. Way cheaper than what they sell you from Medical Supply places for adhesive removal…

^^^ Korrie posted that on one of my discussions

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Hrm, I actually already have some Goo-gone. I use it to clean rust off my bike, and I never imagined it would be safe for human skin, but I just did some quick Googling, and it sounds like some people think it’s OK for removing medical adhesives. It’s certainly doesn’t say anything like that on their website though…

baby oil works great for us as well.

I use Skin-tac remover. It works fantastic. I also use Skin-tac to keep it on. I paint the bottom of the sensor adhesive and let it dry before putting it in place.

Baby oil works really well for the Dex adhesive. Just take the transmitter off, and saturate the tape with baby oil and let it sit while you put the next sensor on. Using baby oil is great because you don’t even have to wash it off, just wipe most of it off and then massage it into the skin.

I know this post is a little late, but I use the Medtronic 670G & Guardian 3, and have the same problem of removal being the hard part of everything we need to do. I’ll have to try some of the things you mention. I currently attempt to use UniSolve, and it seems like it works for some of the removal process, but managing to decrease the pain for the whole removal process is a task I’m still trying to figure out.

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