Durable Medical Equipment Designation

I LOVE my Animas 2020 and how I miss her! My insurance company considers my pump supplies Durable Medical Equipment (similiar to hearing aides, prosthetics, etc…) and won’t cover them until I pay a $500 deductible and then they cover 80%.

My last insurance company lumped my pump supplies in a category with all of my other diabetic stuff (strips, etc…) so I was able to order via mail order w/ the normal $50 copy for a 3 month supply.

Since I don’t have a spare $500 lying around - I’m back on Lantus and Humalog. Anyone else have this issue w/ their insurance company? I have Aetna PPO.

I went through the same situation when I had Aetna PPO. At the beginning of each year you had to pay a deductible before they would start covering 80% for all supplies.

Kevin, what was your deductible? Since I’m already 1/2 through the year, I’m wondering if I should just wait until next year, have my deductible ready at the beginning of the year and be able to use my pump at the beginning of 2010.

Have you researched A+ medical supplies? I use them - they do not charge the deductible to you - they waive that fee and they are a DME provider. Not sure if they are in-network for you or not - but we get everything from them - insulin, strips, infusion sets, tubing, skin tac, remove, glucagon, glucose tabs . . .

Their website is not great - but it has the number to reach them. I usually talk with Danielle there - they are very friendly - it could not hurt to call them and see if their program will work with your insurance. FYI - I have not paid a dime for ANY supplies since I began using them. 1-800-646-8040

Good luck - if it were not for them and our insurance - we would still be doing MDI too!


Vicki - I have never heard of that company, but will call them ASAP tomorrow. Do you have a number for them or are they pretty easy to Google?

I put it into Google and found it really quick and easy.