Early signs?

What were the earliest symptoms/ signs you had in the very early days of your pregnancy?

Hi Sarah…I hate to say it but I had no signs at all…I had no cravings, wasn’t peeing a lot, no tender breasts, no fatigue, and and no morning sickness, which are some common signs of early pregnancy…I did however have implantation bleeding a week before my period was due, but I just thought it was my period coming early. We were trying to get pregnant at the time so I did end up doing a pregnancy test for fun on my actual due date and it turned out be positive :slight_smile:

Good luck if you’re trying!!!

Anything strange diabetes wise?

Hey I can tell you something that I noticed. On the night that I got a little implantation bleeding (it was only one evening) I checked my blood sugar and it was really high - like, 340, and I could not figure out for the life of me why I was so high that night. I got a positive pregnancy test a few days later. After that, my first couple of weeks I did notice my blood sugars were elevating higher after meals than I was used to.

how have your blood sugars been responding to insulin?

Much better, after recognizing that I had to increase my Lantus to keep up with the situation & keep taking more Novolog to keep me in check. My first trimester was not bad, just not as good as I wanted it to be. I was a 6.3 at the end of the trimester, but a 6.6 when it was checked at 9 weeks pregnant and I was spiking high during the first 9 weeks and trying to figure out what to do . To give you an idea of what I have done (I am not on a pump - I take shots) …
Before pregnant, I took 12 units of Lantus each night, and 5 units of Novolog before each meal. I think my HA1C was about 6.4pre-conceiving and doctor was fine with it … I rarely took extra insulin …
Gradually I have increased my Lantus insulin a unit or two as I see a trend for a couple of days where my pre-meal blood sugars are not under 100. I wait a few days to be sure it’s not just something I ate. When I see this is going on, I add a unit more at night.
I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I am up to 22 units of Lantus and taking 8 units of Novolog before most meals. The key to getting the A1C down for me was to take more Novolog 2 hours later if I saw my blood sugar going over 170. You would call them boluses, if you are on a pump, right? So that is what I am doing differently and got used to it. I have also gotten used to “lows” that are not too bad - like a 70, before each meal. My last HA1C a couple of weeks ago was a 6.2 and my OBGYN and endo said this is fine.
All ultrasounds indicate the baby is healthy and doing well. First trimester screening had a low PABBA but the other 2 tests were fine. The follow up ultrasounds did not see any signs of Downs Syndrome physically. I don’t want an amnio, although I know they can still do one. The whole 1st trimester screening was so stressful for me, I was so scared. But I guess it is worth it!

Before it was official, my breasts were incredibly tender. It hurt to shower. My blood sugars were pretty normal, no real fluxuations. I had an idea I was pregnant since my boobs hurt so badly, and sure enough! She just turned 12 on April 1.

No cravings with my 1st 2 pregnancies, my 3rd (boy) had beef cravings like crazy. My husband was in heaven. With my 1st, I couldn’t stand the smell of rewarmed foods/leftovers and forget Chinese food. I could eat any other Asian food around, but Chinese just turned my stomach. I still don’t like it much to this day and before I was pregnant, I’d eat it 2-3 times a week.