When did you know?

So here I am anxiously awaiting the day where I take a pregnancy test and the result is positive... so I thought I'd pose this question:

Did you just know you were pregnant before you missed your period? What were your signs? Gut instinct? Blood sugar fluctuations? Typical pregnancy symptoms? Something just seemed off?

I'm just curious to see how different everyone is and how diabetes may or may not play a role in the days leading up to an accurate pregnancy test! Share your experiences!

I have no idea if it actually was a sign of pregnancy but I'm currently 8.5 months pregnant and right before I took the positive test, I had an really out of the ordinary high. One of those highs where you eat the same thing every morning, same dose, no issues and the day before the positive pregnancy test my blood sugar just sky rocketed for no other apparent reason. Aside from that however, I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary.

I would wake up to pee at night, as if I was really high. I'd then test to see if I needed a correction and it would be normal. That is the most prominent thing I can remember about the early days before I got a positive test. I think I was also very thirsty too.

Early on in my pregnancy I would drop really low... like 40's, 50's, 60's... for hours. I was also extremely tired. I had to turn down my pump settings until I was 6-7 months pregnant, and then had to increase my boluses/basal rates daily, sometimes more often.

It's really terribly nerve-wracking... all of the waiting. I am hoping to get pregnant with #2 within the next year or so. My daughter is 10 months old. Good luck to you!

Like Michele, I had weird unexplainable highs from foods that had never caused problems before. That happened around week 3 right before getting a positive! The other clue I had was that my sense of smell kicked into high gear. I could smell things from a mile away.

The two week wait is the worst!!! Wishing you all the best!! :slight_smile:

I'm expecting my period on Wednesday, but I took a test on Saturday and it was negative. So it was either too early to test, or I can chalk up my abnormally high BGs to something else! We'll find out for sure on Wednesday!

Good luck to you, Super Sally!

My main pre-positive-test symptoms were thirst (felt like my blood sugar was above 200, but it wasn't) and extra fatigue. However, it was July and hot so I mostly just chalked it all up to the heat until I got the positive test!

Im 12 weeks with my second and my symptoms this time other than late period were random highs after meals (although i wasnt carb counting at at stage but ate pretty much the same food as before) and my worst ever diabetic experience panic attacks when hypoing! The highs and panic attacks have gone.now thankfully! With my first pregnancy i had no unusual symptoms,no notable highs or lows. Hope this helps you and good luck!

My blood sugars were running a little higher than normal. I had to pee every five seconds and for some reason I just felt different. Fuller in my abdomen. I figured out I was pregnant when I was about 4 weeks along and confirmed it 3 days after my missed period. Best of luck to you! I am currently 21 weeks along and pregnant with my first. We are having a little girl!

we had been trying for a couple years now; & I did have the morning sickness but thought then my period came & I tested negative on a HCG test. From that day of morning sickness on I have had the biggest trouble w/ my BS being steady & low. I went to the doctor & not one of them questioned pregnancy so I just never thought about it...But my mom insisted I was...finally after trying 3 different diabetes meds w/out any good BS results I tested myself on my own 12-11-13 & sure enough...3 positives...lol Mid October was when I had the morning sickness & still tested negative...from then to now we tried diabetes meds & my gen. dr. thought for a moment I was becoming type 1 due to resistance to the meds. Now I see my Endo & gen. dr. this coming monday...& obgyn on the 8th of this month.
My sugar has been a steady high no matter what I eat..it's very frustrating..but that's what triggered me to check. Other women have told me that the 2nd trimester is when you get the drops; i'm stil in the first. I pray over my belly till I can see the dr. really hated that I had to wait practically a month into finding out. So if you even think you are...make appts. immediately so you dont have to wait like me & stress over your blood sugar effecting the baby. Best of luck & remember practice makes perfect!!