Eat whenever u want?

Do you guys eat anytime u want ? I just switched to Omnipod and I’m used to eat at least 6 times a day, did you stop doing that ? you guys no longer have hypos if u don’t eat at certain times ?

Once you have your basal doses worked out, you should not have to eat in between meals unless you choose to. We love the OmniPod for the freedom it gives my son in this area.

I absolutely eat whenever I want. On the oPod, I don’t need to eat to keep from going low. I could tweek my basal to more exact rates, keeping my readings lower, but then I would have to monitor them more than I like and risk more hypos. I test 5 -8 times a day and have a 6.2 A1c. For now, that is OK with me. At some point I hope to work up to have tighter control. Good luck.

You no longer have to eat to match the insulin. That’s one of the beauties of pumping. So, yes, you can just eat whenever you want. But that’s also one of the reasons that some people gain weight quickly after they start on a pump, so be mindful.

Absolutely you can eat anytime you want. As long as you’ve got your basal rates set and use the right I/C ratio you can eat when you want or not eat. Anytime I feel hungry or like eating I just plug the carbs in my pdm and if I feel like having more or a second serving I just plug those carbs into the pdm also. If you have your basal rates set right you should be able to not eat and keep your numbers in line or at least stable. I’ve already have a big lunch and just not very hungry at dinner time so I would just have a snack or skip. While I’'m sure it’s not recommended my bg’s stayed level. I’ve only gone hypo if I’ve calculated the carbs wrong or if I’ve done some excercise…I’ve gotten better at that also with using a temp basal and cutting back on the basal rate. Once you figure out podding you’ll really like the freedom. Good Luck!

Hmmnnn … I’m getting it. So now that you guys got the pump you don’t have to eat before going to bed ? no hypos in the morning ? let’s say I’m at 110 before bed, I should just go to sleep without eating and still wake up around the same number ? is that really possible ?

Thanks a lot ! You’re saving me a lot of struggle !

I went from injecting to the Omnipod 6 months ago and it has changed my life. I always ate when I wanted to but when I injected I took 7 shots a day now i just keep my Basal dialed-in and bolus when needed. I eat healthy like a Diabetic but eat whenever I want now because of the Omnipod.

Another beautiful thing about the pump is if I start to trend down in the middle of the night I just turn off my pump for an hour and it brings my BG’s right back up where I want them.

So you have a CGM ? that’s how you spot the down trend right ?

I don’t have a CGM so if I am below 90 or 100 at bedtime, I will have a tiny snack with some fat…one piece of chocolate (4 grm’s) for instance.

I too can eat pretty much whenever I want. I never got with the “eat 6 small meals a day” program when I was on MDI. I do have CGM to identify when I am going hypo - critical because I have hypoglycemic unawareness. I’m usually in the 50s before I realize something is wrong and being on a downward trend at that point, I go even lower before the correction kicks in.

I generally do not have a snack before bed unless I am below 100 or have a downward trend on the CGM. One of my most sucessful bedtime snack is Greek style yogurt. My nutritionist is a big fan of the Greek style because it has double the protein of regular yogurt. I enter the number of grams of carbs in the PDM and let it calculate the a bolus. Often I override the bolus amount to zero or a minimal amount. I’d rather go high than have to treat a low in the middle of the night (or not wake up at all if I don’t hear the alarm on my CGM).

I eat whenever I want now that I have learned more about the OmniPod and basal programs. I do find that I have better BG if I am on a regular meal schedule but it is usually not a problem no matter when I eat. I just have to be sharp on carb counting and meal choices and it isn’t a problem. When I get lazy I usually pay for it.

Yes I have been using the Dexcom since I started on the omnipod. I don’t know how I lived without it before.

My son usually has a snack before bedtime.

His pod target for this time period is set higher (120 or so)than the target for the rest of the day which is (100 or even a bit lower) so when he eats the snack it automatically reduces the insulin because he is about to go to bed. I like that he does not have to remember to manually adjust the bolus.