When to start back on omnipod?

I posted this in the type 1 forum. It didn’t get a response so I thought I would see if my fellow omnipodders could maybe share some advice. I am just going to paste what I wrote this morning…

So it’s been about two weeks since I tried getting completely off insulin because even the smallest amount made me go low in this honeymoon period. The first week my waking blood sugars were in the 90s and only when I ate a certain breakfast did I spike above 160. It usually came down to below 120ish. I was very happy with these results.

Start of the second week I went on a 3 day water fast for religious puirposes, my fasting blood sugars constantly were in between 95-115. After the fast, I resumed normal eating patterns, but the last 4 days of this experiment, I have noticed that my before meals bg doesn’t get below 120. My spikes still aren’t horrible, but once my pp readings peak, they just hover around 180 for hours. I concluded that I needed a little bolus to get by. I’m good with all that…

My question is the last couple of nights my sugars have been holding around 110-120 until 430, where it rises to around 150. Are these elevated enough, if they stay consistent, to get back on a small basal? I find it weird that after just two weeks, my fasting blood sugar has risen 20 to 30 points. Just wondering what the threshold is before a small basal is needed.

Hi benjamin, i am not a diabetic, my son is, and he didn't start with the omnipod until he was out of the honeymoon period, so it is hard for me to comment, but i wanted to offer some support. since you were having a lot of lows before, and worrying about night time lows and night time testing can be a drag i would wait a bit longer and then add just a tiny basal i guess doing some night time testing is required to see when you really start to go up adding the basal 1 hour before the rise is recommended, when do you check in again with your endo? we have drifted away from phone checks with jacobs endo ( he was diag. 3 years ago) but at this fragile time frequent check in are probably not a bad idea and probably expected, best wishes, amy
( god bless you for still staying under 200! jacob woke up to pee at 2am always a clue 330 but he is fighting a cold i am glad he got up i gave him a good bolus, at 6 he was 230 another bolus, at 8 150) with sickness numbers can be crazy high and insulin requirement go way up, but that's my situation today, best of luck with yours!)