Eating crickets may improve gut health

Has anyone ever eaten insects?

I remember during a school trip visiting a place that sells insects, candied, spicy, crunchy; you name it. Some friends tried them, and I could not stand the idea of eating a cricket. I know that @Mariana11 has mentioned that in Mexico they some insects too. I think I’ll keep my kefir and probiotics, but curious if we have any adventurous members here.

Research suggests that eating crickets may improve inflammation in the gut and its overall health, according to a study in Scientific Reports. The investigators looked at whether cricket consumption was tolerable and safe and changed markers of inflammation or lipid metabolism, and they assessed whether insect fibers such as chitin – the chief component of a cricket’s exoskeleton – could work as prebiotics.


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Not knowingly. lol

I think my mom fired some when I was a kid. I mean she was mostly blind and dad did leave the cricket box near the stove on a camping trip. I think chocolate covered would be better

Saw something like that on Shark Tank.

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Hey, lobsters are just big bugs, so in principle I don’t have anything against it. But the proof’s in the pudding, as it were. I actually tried the fried ant hors d’oeuvre at a Oaxacan cuisine fund-raiser dinner. Smelled pretty good, and I love anything crunchy… but no. Crunch yes, flavor not so much. Ugh.

Yes, we eat some insects, some of them look fabulous (no I haven’t eaten any yet) we ususally have crickets. (chapulines) they are eaten mostly at cantinas (bars) with lemon and some chilli powder (yuck)…they say, but I haven’t looked into it, chapulines have lots of protein.

Then there’s also jumiles…these are sometimes eaten alive… i know …super yuuuck. I do have a picture but wont share… these are eaten in tacos with salsa.

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