Chewing the fat

I’m in and out of the forums right now (studying for a certification), but had a question I wanted to pose to you all. What kinds of fats are you eating? Dr. B’s diet is one that is high fat, medium protein, and low carb. In that context I’m wondering what the fats are that you all keep away from, eat more of, and so on.

I know a lot of us love PB and just plain ol’ Butter, but what other kinds of things are you seeking out to place in your diet?

Thanks for any input, I do appreciate it.

ETA: I’m also interested to know about meats, cheeses, and other items in your daily diet that aren’t just fat alone, but that contribute to your fat intake.

For cooking: rendered bacon lard, unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, kerrygold butter

Cold: olive oil, avocado/guacamole

Very few nuts, just macadamia or hazelnuts if so.

Mostly cold pressed olive oil and I use a little butter at times. Peanuts are on my ‘forbidden’ list so peanut oil is out. I also use a little sesame oil in stirfries for that lovely Asian taste.

Thanks you two!

the protein that your consuming, is it generally fatty protein like steak, pork, etc. or more lean like fish, tofu (soy!), etc.?

I was under the impression, that there was once a conversation on TuD about olive oil turning to bad fat once it reached a temperature that made it smoke. Does anyone else recall this?

I eat fatty meats and lean. Eggs for breakfast, snack on grass-fed beef jerky or landjaeger, dinner is rib eye or new york steak, pork chops, pork tenderloin, higher-fat ground beef (taco salad), skin-on chicken thighs, sausage, etc… now I’m getting hungry!

Olive oil has a lower smoking point, which is why it’s best used cold.

Here’s an article that may tell you more than you ever wanted to know about oils:

And additionally:

Awesome resources! Thanks.

Your a woman after my own heart. Landjager, wurst, rauchwurst, we even toss some leberkase in there for fun (from time to time). Nitrates are a concern so I try to limit my consumption, but I could live on German food alone. =^)

Olive oil, coconut oil, a variety of meats and fish… the more variety the better methinks. Love roast chicken, especially the crispy skin, chopped salads with a variety of meat/cheese and some apple cider vinegar and olive oil. String cheese is a staple munch. Nuts, nut butter. I limit tofu because of the phytoestrogens (I had estrogen fed breast cancer).

Jrt, are you cooking with those oils?

the more variety the better methinks
I'm with you on this one. Poultry, fish, and meat, oh my!

Last nights dinner was LC breaded Tallia with cauliflower bisque. I just received my order from so tonight, Im thinking eggs and french toasted pita or a monte cristo (with Alpine ham and gouda). Ohh maybe a tuna wrap…

My main point to this thread is to see where the good fat / bad fat line lies. For instance, is eating cheese like gouda, buttekase, and fetta daily a good thing? Marbled meats on the bad side? You get the idea.

Yeah, we buy our meat at our PCC and our local butcher. We always buy the best quality we can get our hands on. Completely forgot to put bacon on there as well. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning.

I do cook with olive oil, carefully. Or butter :wink: Mostly use olive & coconut as add-ins to soupy things, spreads, yada yada (credit to Jerry).

My understanding is that when you are eating low carb, fat is fat? I eat a fair amount of cheese, knockwurst-y things with good MUStard. Got some awesome chili/lime chicken burgers at trader joe’s the other day - 3g cho and I spread them with coconut oil.

My fav snack: thinly sliced cheese, baked literally to a criisp (you can use the micro too) on parchment paper. Way better than potato chips. I think I need some now…

About the only fat I try to avoid are the various vegetable oils like soybean etc. Still get some however in prepared salad dressing. I tend toward lean meat just because that’s what I like(a hangover from the saturated fat is bad days, undoubtedly) I still cook with olive oil but probably need to switch, I’ve tried coconut oil, and like it, but it’s pretty pricy, I’d cook with real lard if I could get it It’s mostly “good” fat. I like to use cream to make sauce/gravy type stuff. Eat a lot of cheese mostly cheddar and parmesan. I try to stay away from lunch meat, ham etc. because of the nitrates and salt, but will confess to buying some hotdogs for the 4th. Eat a lot of eggs, the perfect diabetic food. I like black olives in salads. Butter of course.

All in all probably more saturated than not. I guess I’ve drunk the low carb cool aid, and believe the bad combo is high carb with saturated fat. Studies seem to indicate that saturated fat is OK as long as you limit carbs, but you’ll have a hard time convincing the dietary establishment of that fact. Here’s an interesting study concerning the long term effect of high fat low carb vs high carb low fat. Be sure to read at the end about the poor souls who stuck with the high carb low fat heart healthy diet.

I use quite a lot of fats: butter, cream, cheeses. lard occasionally and some oils. I also eat salami, which is fairly fatty. I treat mysel to macadamia nuts once in a while and if my weight begins to drift up. I do a couple days Atkins fat fast. It WORKS! nothing else does for me

Hanna, I have never heard of a fat fast, could you describe the type of meals while on one.

I’m curious to hear about that one as well.

organic beef, chicken, eggs. extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and coconut oil

Thanks BadMoon. You’ve always got great links to share.

After hearing about olive oils low smoking point we pretty much switched to butter for cooking. Maybe I’ll look into getting some lard from the local butcher.

Nitrates and salt/sodium are a tough one. I find keeping my sodium levels below 1500-1800 hard to do at best and forget it if I eat out. I’m amazed at how much sodium places use. The convenience of cold cuts is what gets me. I can toss on some ham with a slice of cheese on a 3 carb Kavli crisp and have a great breakfast on the go. Otherwise, I think I’d have to sit and cook a meal!

We’ve got Whole Foods, a Co-op, and a local butcher that I go to from time to time. The German market, though, is one of my staples.I do need to find out about nitrates in their meats though.

Bacon is a glorious thing. =^)

What else goes into your diet Sysy?

I read something recently about an organic hot dog maker who tried to eliminate nitrates but wound up having to put them back in because no one would buy their hotdogs, they didn’t taste like hot dogs any more. Oh well.

I read some glowing reviews about lard recently both from a cooking standpoint and a health standpoint. Then I find out the stuff you buy in the store is partially hydrogenated, drats.

Sodium in prepared foods is hard to avoid. I was making a snack I read about on the web for a while where you spread pepperoni on a plate, cover it with mozzarella and nuke it. I thought I’d found an ideal low carb snack until I looked at the sodium content of the pepperoni. Foiled at every turn:)

How do you make rendered bacon lard? Sounds interesting.