Eating out?

Wouldn’t it be really great for some restaurants to include Diabetic Meals on their Menus? Vegetarians seem to be taken care of but not Diabetics! I cannot believe, with the amount of diabetics in this country, that there are no restaurants that cater for us, well at least not in my part of the country. I used to love the dessert part of a meal but now have to decline and sit their drooling while family and friends enjoy their delicious desserts! Come on you restaurant chains, give us diabetics something to remember! We would love you forever!

Thanks for your response Deb. I do understand and appreciate your comments and to eat out is an indulgence but wouldn’t it just be nice if there was a ‘sugarfree’ dessert on the menu? I have eaten at Amish restaurants here in Sarasota and on their menu they have a ‘sugarfree’ cherry pie but it defeats the object when they use white flour for the pastry! Big SIGH!

I’ve found that the meals labelled as diabetics meals, if you can find them, often aren’t very good for type 2 diabetics, due to the common mistaken idea that eliminating table sugar, but not other forms of carbs, is enough to make the diets good for type 2 diabetics. Therefore, when type 2 diabetics (in other words, most diabetics) see the frequently high rise in their blood sugars resulting from the other carbs, they tend not to buy anymore from that part of the the menu, and often decide not to go back to that restaurant. I don’t know if this also applies to type 1 diabetics.

You might find it useful to suggest that the restaurants include lowcarb sections on their menus, so type 2 diabetics who already know the above are more likely to try those sections, in addition to the various people who want lowcarb diets for other reasons.

Lowcarb recipes for desserts seem to be scarce, so you may even then have to wait somewhat longer for them to add lowcarb desserts to those sections.

Also, some restaurant chains have places where they make available such things as the amount of carbs in their more common dishes. You may want to put cheesecake first on which ones you check first if you find such a place, rather than any of the dishes likely to contain sugar or flour, such as most types of cake and many of the sweeter types of pie.

Dianne, go to a book store and look at some of the books with recipes for diabetics. They’re a joke, at least, all I’ve seen. These books tend to tell people what they want to hear. Mel

If you are ever in Las Vegas, go to the Buffet at the Bellagio Hotel… Every meal they have an array of sugar free desserts that are delicious and don’t seem to screw up the blood sugar. Just dont be a pig at the Buffet…limit it to 4 or 5 plates


WOW! Thanks Phil, I will certainly try that Buffet. In fact I am thinking of going to Vegas very soon! :slight_smile:

Dianne, Check the web site below CalorieKing has a book out that makes counting carbs out much easier.

Sometimes, restaurants will have sugar-free pudding (usually chocolate) available, but not listed on their menus, you just have to ask your server. I’ve also asked my server if the chef could modify a menu-listed dessert to make it more “diabetic-friendly”. They usually have no problem with accomodating me on such a request.

This is becoming a pet peeve of mine, also in stores. A few years ago when low-carbing was “in,” you could find interesting things in grocery stores and in restaurants. Now they have decided it is no longer “in fashion,” and you can’t find low-carb foods even in the “health food” sections of stores, let alone in restaurants.

The low-carb fad gave us the “wrap,” but with gigantic tortillas wrapping the food, they really aren’t low-carb.

Thanks Andy I will certainly do that! :slight_smile:

Issue: there is no single “diabetic diet”. I’m a T2 but not a “low carber”. Still, I find I do better when I keep away from refined flours, high fructose corn syrup, and transfats.
In addition, many T2s actually have Metabolic Syndrome, so a healthy diet may be more limited – for example, I need to follow a low-sodium diet, and most “diabetic” foods are quite high in sodium.
And I have some issues with “vegetarian”… There are so many different variations of vegetarianism that if you’re going to advertise a “vegetarian” choice, it had damned well (IMNSHO) be vegan and not contain any refined flours/sugars/fats… depending on the area, I might even expect “vegetarian” to include “raw” or “organic” as well…