Edgepark 90 day supply Dexcom sensor

I am on Medicare and Dexcom just let me know that I will be getting my G6 sensors from Edgepark. That is not a problem for me since I have been getting my Medtronic pump supplies from them for a few years without problems.
When I spoke to Edgepark to confirm they told me I would be able to get a 90 day supply, so that is a plus for me.


that’s great for you! i think when i had first called them they said 30 day orders only. 30 days of sensors is an awful way to live

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My insurance works with Edgepark too. They send me a G6 transmitter and three boxes of three sensors, all in one box, every 90 days with “ContinuCare.” It works fine - except a couple times there was an issue with my insurance and then Edgepark just didn’t send it. So, I’ve gotten in the habit of a follow-up call just before it ought to ship, just to be sure… because it would stink to be CGM-less.