Rant about edgepark and my dexcom 6

So extremely frustrated. I called these #$%& 5 days before my last sensor change because I got a low battery warning. I called them at this time as I also know it takes time to ship. That was July 31. Guess what, my sensor battery ran out today at 3:59am and I have NO trasmitter. They told me it was too early to ship and they only send one out per/90 day supply. BTW, it shipped today…the day it ran out, and 6 days before my sensor expired.

My insurance co forced me 2 months ago without warning to switch my supplier. They have forked everything, slow to fufill etc ALL my orders. Heck the first time, they didn’t send my sensors until 7 days after my last. They refused to send them because according to their flipping computer.

Nice thing is, people at dexcom were helpful and sending a new sensor. Edgepark people told me that that was my issue…I cannot begin to tell you my rage at them.
It’s not like I have a lot of real estate for sensors to go anyway. Okay, in tears right now, so must stop this rant.


@Jenn20 … I have no answers, just a listening ear an a lot of hugs!

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Is it possible for you to be on automatic renewal?
I switched to that and I generally don’t have any gaps. It just arrives usually just before I need it.
I get a new transmitter with 90 days of sensors.
It can relieve a lot of stress.

Hello: I also use Edgepark and have for several years. I started experiencing delays after they were bought out by Cardinal Health.

Once I was about to leave for an overseas work trip they refused to send me my dexcom supplies five days early. They insisted that they could not send me anything until after I had already left on my trip…I explained that this later date would do me no good as I would be thousands of miles away. Despite my doctor providing a letter that I needed these supplies and getting my insurance company to call on my behalf, they still would not send it. In the end (after many phone calls and me crying), they sent a partial shipment.

Another annoying practice which they started doing after Cardinal Health bought them, is they would charge me up front for the supplies even though my insurance covers the cost; they subsequently reimburse me three months later. After these unpleasant experiences, I started looking into getting my supplies directly from a Pharmacy and I told Edgepark that given their uncooperative practices, I would order elsewhere. Believe it or not, they did send my supplies a bit sooner and they did not give me the run around of overcharging me and then reimbursing months later.

Finally, the people who answer the phone at Edgepark are usually friendly and they are not responsible for the company’s policies, so I kindly request to speak with the managers when they are not able to help me.

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Nope, they told me flat out they could not send another transmitter out till this one expired. I told them I had no other, but according to their computer they could not ship until the day it (the transmitter)ran out. So I had alarms all night until it finally quit at 3 am this morning. My sensor didn’t expire until the 24th. I tried to tell them, but they told me that they could not because of policy. No transmitter, because according to their computer on July 31, since I still had time and not expected to run out till today. Today was the date they could send it…at the earliest, and they were being nice, because according to their computer, I should get one till the 22nd.
I tried to explain multiple times. They said, sorry, there was nothing they could do.

They also said they don’t routinely provide transmitters with their 90 day sensor orders either. That I would have to call separately for that and then ONLY on the date it’s to run out. This was over the phone while talking to my husband (I was rage stroking at that time).

Funny thing, I had a tele-med with my endocrinologist, and she said they have had horrible issues in the last month or so as well. Like 3-4 wks daily chats to get patients orders filled. Sad thing is, this company, and another that has way worse reviews (from my endocrin office notheless) were the only choices United Healthcare allowed after June (and change of fiscal year). It’s not like I can go elsewhere.

find a new company. there a lot out there. not worth the stress. i moved on from them and byram a long time ago and couldnt be happier

Maybe this helps, or maybe not. Dexcom G6 is now available at Walgreen’s pharmacy. You may be able to pick up new sensors the same day the last one runs out. Mail order CGM is a failure for DME houses. I had a similar experience with CCS Medical. Now I’m a happy Walgreens DME customer!

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And other pharmacies. I started getting at Costco. But this was only available via pharmacy this year when my insurance switched to ExpressScripts as their PBM.

I heard some can get from Walgreens via mail.